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Post by Lynn Cowell

The gate called Beautiful might be the scale we hope will tell us the right number, the gym we join to become the right size or the mall we cruise through looking for the right outfit.

We go to the gate Beautiful and there we beg for what we need for that day: acceptance, approval and affirmation. It’s not enough to sustain us, though. Tomorrow, searching again, we’ll return.

With the power of the Holy Spirit we can say: “No more!” No more will we beg when Christ died to give us the acceptance we need. Let’s take His hand and look to Him each day for strength and approval.

You are perfect just the way God made you. That’s enough. You’re enough, precious one.


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It’s Personal.

What makes it different when your heart aches for a loved one or friend that’s having surgery for some type of medical/health complication? …When you see a featured article online about a terminally ill child who lives life simply and has only one wish, and a Go Fund Me?

What makes it different when the evening news reports a rising death toll of 5,000 in a nation oceans away from your cozy piece of home? …When you read the Obituaries in the paper and see a familiar name(s)?

When you see a homeless man in a movie on television? When your eyes meet with a homeless man on the street beside you?

When you see a LOST Dog Poster taped to a street light? …When your dog is lost?

What’s the difference?

It’s personal.

But the thing is, It’s totally personal. BECAUSE EVERY HUMAN BEING (every person on earth) MATTERS.

You may never have your name on the Walk of Fame and in lights. You may never win a trophy or receive any honors or rewards. You may never be told “I love you.” Maybe you don’t think anyone has ever loved you or you don’t feel loved. You could be in a crowded room and all alone inside. Scared.

However, somebody does love you. He’s pretty awesome and quite intriguing. He loves to send you special things along the way, when you least expect them. He’s ever so generous and wants to experience this journey called life with you at your side as long as you live. It gets even better…

He wants you to come and live with Him forever. Where He is there are no more tears.

Jesus loves you just as you were the only one.

And It’s Personal.


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Inspirational New Year’s Kick Off

Happy New Year’s Day, my precious ones!

Remember in this new year that you are beautiful, special, one of a kind, you have purpose, you are someone’s blessing!

Here are some inspiring posters for all of you today! ❤


*Images gathered via Google

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In the Supreme Court of my bedroom, the Mirror is the highest Judge.

All my life I’ve struggled with anxiety, but particularly body focused anxiety.

In the Supreme Court of my bedroom, the Mirror is the highest Judge.

As I slipped on the cozy, black sweater I’d bought 2 years ago, I noticed how my arms fit so smoothly, so easily into the sleeves. I could feel the loosened mid-section as well. The weight I’ve lost since then made the sweater fit better, but still yet…not to my liking.

My eyes met my reflection in our bedroom mirror, and I was cool with it as I scanned downward… Instantly, as in days of old, the imperfections stood out, as if in bright lights. My mid section, and lower abdominal area did not look appropriate for wearing that shirt, or any shirt for that matter! I was appalled. But then I noticed, I remembered. A moment of clarity! Today I have moments of clarity because of all the spiritual growth and effort put into the recovery of years ago!

In the moment of clarity, I backed away from the mirror and I thought to myself…I thought about how many insults, and self-inflicted pains I’d put on my body in younger years, and how I’m nearing 30. I am not that girl. I am a woman now with eyes wide open. Just as the dynamics of relationships change over time, so does the relationship we have with ourselves. I was not about to attack my own ship today.

I recalled this pathetic and saddening article about how a bunch of artists in New York or someplace in our country had painted on a pair of pants on this young woman. The goal was to make it look like she was wearing the tightest set of blue leggings, clinging to her skin. Well, she was wearing a thong to cover a spec of herself. To see this on my main search engine was very discouraging. Discouraging for me…and so many others. I thought the struggle was bad when I was a teen, but it seems things are so much worse for today’s youth. The shock value gets yanked up higher and higher…Pretty soon we’re gonna be off scale…

So, in conclusion, I chose not to listen to the voices of society. In a world so full of pure lust, hatred, competition, and plain evil, there are still good people around. Remember, we are all just fine as we are. I ain’t taking no crap…no mo’

I am wonderfully and fearfully made by God almighty. The Father, The Creator who has made everything from trees, to rivers, stars and flowers…made me. God knows what He’s doing. This world obviously doesn’t. The message of God is love, while the message of the world is self-hatred…and for people to love money, and love themselves more than other people.

Yes, I brought my faith into this post-simply because everything roots back to our God. My point is, would God have told me I looked ugly or stupid in my sweater? I know the 18 year old me would have shouted it!

We must remember our standards are nothing like His…God sees perfection, and sometimes we see just see defect.

We are beautiful! Celebrate yourself. 🙂

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If You’re Feeling Broken…

This image is very true. I hope you will be blessed by it. 🙂

Something to think about, eh?



*Image via a friend

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Little to Say…

I have little to say lately, but I would like to share this with you.



Someone loves you… Whether you know it or not.

Someone needs something you have to offer this world whether you recognize it or not.

You are here for a reason, whether you’ve found your purpose or not.

Plant seeds of hope in the heart of another and watch them grow. Grow far beyond their limits.


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Personal Journey

You Are Beautiful! <3

What do you see when you look into the mirror?


A better question is, who do you see?

If you are struggling with yourself, maybe there’s a war going on inside of you, know this: God made YOU beautiful! You don’t need to be changed. Head to toe, from freckles to the way you laugh…You are awesome! You were sent here fully equipped to shine and also make your mark on this earth, and that other people would see how strong your faith really is and want to know this Jesus or God that they hear about.

You are enough. Everything is okay. There is hope. Just open yourself up to the possibility (and truth!) that you really are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are all our own persons. We all have something different to bring to the table. There’s around 7 billion people on this planet, and NOT just one ‘perfect’ or ideal body type for either males or females. Society is trying to shrink us all beyond ‘small’ by the way clothing is being manufactured and marketed now. Society is creating eating disorders, even in little children.

Don’t let the monsters of eating disorders, society, peer pressure, anxieties, doubts and fear stop you from living at your fullest potential! I did that for all of my teenage years and my early twenties. I have nothing to show for it but the fact that I missed out. On a lot. There’s an evil force in this world, and he’s got three objectives: to rob, kill, and destroy. That is where the thoughts that bind you and the feelings that limit you really come from. The devil/our adversary loathes a warm smile, and to see you feeling great at all!

This is true!!!
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well – Psalm 139:14

So get out there and start your day, precious one! No matter how it feels, try and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself aloud that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God bless you always, and have a great day!


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You Are Beautiful. You are the living art of God; A Masterpiece.

You Are Beautiful. You are the living art of God; A Masterpiece.

Do not let the world that we are in tell you who you are and what you’re worth. God made you beautiful before you were even here!

Society has this concept that there is only one perfect body type for both male and female. How is that even realistic? I mean, there’s around 7 billion people on this planet! For example, do you see Victoria’s Secret selling underwear or lingerie beyond maybe a size 8, maybe 10? Not sure…but, they are trying to shrink the world and create an even stronger epidermic of eating disorders and self hatred and harm. This is why the few plus size shops like Lane Bryant can charge outrageously for all of their clothing. I stopped shopping there a while back when it occurred to me that if there was no ‘sale’ mostly everything was $50.00 each…lol.

Believe me, In years past, I’d worry over everything I ate all day in fear and regret. I despised my body. With the airbrushed/photo shopped poster of Britney Spears in my room, I would stare in self loathing. Why couldn’t I be beautiful too? I was. We don’t see how special we really are sometimes…Today’s world really doesn’t make it any easier…

Even though now I am a lot ‘more to love’ than in my teens, I am confident and I love who I am and appreciate my body. Don’t get me wrong, I am very active and doing something about my situation. It’s just that now, I love me in the process! This life is too short for us to waste it in self criticism! I find this happening a lot in today’s youth…its everyone, really.
For years, most of my teens and more, I was at war with myself. Recovery is quite blissful, and though it doesn’t come easily, I promise you that it is possible. You are precious and worthwhile. So let it go. You are it!

Well, I have great news!
*If you actually need to lose weight or make a change, remember this: The human body only responds to love. —It took me a loooong time to figure that one out. Let my experience shorten your pain if possible. Take a stand now and declare your individuality!

God bless everyone this Lord’s Day!


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You Are Beautiful.

You Are Beautiful.

Today’s world is hovering all over us, telling us that we aren’t good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough…all sorts of negativity. We must help one another, in a reminder that ‘being different’ is really ‘being special’. I think there’s around 7 or 8 billion people on earth-that’s far too many for there to be just ‘1 correct body type’ for all women or men to conform to. Don’t let the lies of society corrupt your precious minds. You were created with purpose, and your own, original beauty, that only you posses-no one else can be that. Rock what ya got, cuz you are beautiful!

*Image source, Google Images.