Prophetic Prayer: Impromptu Spiritual Warfare

Praise God! Woohoo! It’s going to be an awesome day! Be blessed today in Jesus Name!

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A WOE! We Are Running Out Of Time – MAJOR New York – Florida & Israel Events On The Horizon!

Published on Jan 21, 2019

This makes me wonder what that NASA X37 is REALLY Doing Up There!! War Is Coming To Israel! New York To Be Judged! Links:……
BREAKING: ISRAEL UNDER ATTACK!: ‘CODE RED’ Eilat, 3 Grads slam into city from Sinai!…
Discussing The Number 222 As 2 Witnesses Arrive At My Door! It Begins!… Exposing The Govt Shutdown (Human Sacrifices) False Flag Event Before It Happens!
The AntiChrist Is About To Be Revealed – The Rapture – Tribulation To Begin!!!…

End Times Alerts

“In this video I explore scripture on the coming Mark of the Beast in regards to Gold (King Solomon) , Freemasonry and the Word of God as it relates to RIGHT NOW and The Wisdom Revelation says we can receive in regards to the number of man. Please Like And Share!”    by Minister Paul

Trumps Senior Adviser Jared Kushner 666 Fifth Avenue & Middle East Peace

Share with your loved ones. Don’t be deceived and take the Mark of The Beast!

Go Get My Children…

Brothers & Sisters, do not grow weary. We must keep fighting the good fight until He returns. Jesus, coming in the clouds will be a terrifying shock for some, and a long awaited, sigh of relief for God’s children. So much hate, evil, and war in this world… It can’t be very long now, but only God knows the hour…Lets thank Him for blessing our country with the freedoms that we have, and pray that our nation will not fall—that He won’t give up on America, though it seems to really be giving up on Him. God bless everyone today.

10 Rockets Were Fired Into Israel Yesterday. Its Happening.

10 Rockets Were Fired Into Israel Yesterday. Its Happening.

Its happening.

The media is ignoring the attack, so I am sharing this information. I encourage you to do so as well.

Those who are against Israel and do harm need to realize that there’s a Spy in the sky and He’s Jewish!!! I encourage everyone to share. The media can ignore this all it wants to, but the Wrath of God is inevitable for those who go against God’s nation and The Apple of His Eye!
Source: Christians United for Israel (CUFI)


Sometimes I feel like this…

I really get my fix when I’m frustrated or in a bad mood from Eminem. Minus all the language. He’s very real.

“This democracy of hypocrisy…”

I didn’t vote for Obama.

I’m not talking about our President, alone.

I’m so frustrated with our leadership in Washington. I’m not into politics, but things are just getting plain ridiculous. We all know, I could ramble on and on and on. I’m saving my words for something better. Complaining doesn’t help anything.

What is going to be will be. I just hope for the best.