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Daily Devotional with Jeff Hale ♥

I recall on Sunday afternoons when I was young, my parents would watch PBS. I remember This Old House and The Woodwright’s Shop and of course Bob Ross. I have always thought Israel was so beautiful. I envisioned YeHoVaH/God as a Bob Ross figure painting and creating our “Happy Little” Earth. One of the many things that makes Israel so amazing is that it’s filled with “Happy Little” landscapes of every kind. Its western coast is the Mediterranean seashore. Its northern border has “Happy Little” snow capped mountains. In its middle is the fertile valley of Jezreel. Above the valley is the beautiful “Happy Little” hills and Sea of Galilee. In its south is the barren moonscape of the Negev, and so much more all in a piece of land no larger than the state of New Jersey. Our God, YeHoVaH is the God of Israel. He’s the God of the everyland land. He’s not only the God of the mountains, He’s the God of the valleys, the high places and the low, the beautiful planes, and the dry and barren wilderness. In your life, He’s not only the God of your mountaintops, but of your valleys as well. His love for you is everywhere. He will be with you in every landscape of your life. As He is faithful to you in every moment and place, so live faithful to Him. He’s your everyland God. And your His everyland disciple. Facebook friends, today see yourself walking hand in hand with your Father YeHoVaH/God, whether it’s a “Happy Little” mountain top or a “Happy Little” valley. Amen?


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Never Will I Stop Singing.

Ever feel alone in your walk with The Lord in the physical sense among other human beings?

I have, and I do. So tonight I made this little poster. Image via Google & words by myself. Hope this inspires you. God bless everyone tonight.