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Eviction Notice!

From Brother Scotty Levesque

“America’s Gift to God!”

The United States has a gift for God and its not a song, praise, hymn, but rather its an Eviction notice . WE have declared as a nation in our laws and actions across the land we want God to get out. First we took God out of the Schools , then out of the work places , now millions in our land want Him out of everything. This nation was clearly founded upon God and His Principles.
There was a time when God and His Word was welcomed during that time we did not have school shootings or rape on school grounds taking place . God brings order and the belief in following Him and His Word brings Hope . Giving God a move out or Eviction Notice has put our nation in a downward spiral. I don’t care what anybody on Facebook thinks or anywhere across the world thinks but Homosexuality and being a Transgendered person directly defies God and His order of creation . When i was in High School it was very rare to see a lot of promotion of Homosexuality . i scratch my head and stand in awe at what has happened how now almost every T.V. show airing has to embrace this in a character. The World Heralds Bruce Jenner
but He’s a sad example of what happens when a man spirals to the point of turning himself into whats not even natural.
We all read about Rome and other wicked societies but we have surpassed them . Transgendered is not in the Bible because such wickedness was not even recorded mankind had not become that perverse yet. It is recorded in God’s Word that he made them Male and female and God saw that it was good. Somehow we have seemed to foolishly believe God messed up and we were made to be something different. Christians across the world to see the seriousness of this sin and not defend or embrace it in any way whatsoever.
Homosexuality stops the creation itself for 2 man or 2 women can not make a baby . Transgendered says we are the creator and we are meant to be different then what we are .
Jesus did die for all Sins and this stuff can be forgiven but to believe you can live in these conditions and be right with God is an outright lie from Hell. The nation is lulling its self to sleep as False Ministers marry Same sex Couples and preach out of the same Bible that condemns it. The prophetic time clock of Judgment is clicking wars are on the horizon.. Open Satanic worship has arrived as well and is growing that’s one of the last signs of Judgment before God wipes out a nation How can a Nation that is giving God an Eviction notice expect Him to defend it.
I’m even afraid to see whats next what other sins will we embrace how wicked will we become . Until we see whats really going on we won’t realize how serious this is first it’s bathrooms soon it will be everything. Some say your old fashioned step up to whats going on now . I say to them no thanks id rather be old fashioned and stick to The Origin of creation then to make a man whos a 1/2 man and woman a hero and as for me and my house We will serve the Lord!

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God Bless The USA

God Bless The USA

With so much turmoil in today’s world I am praying always praying for our friends in all of the troubled nations around the globe. I am also praying for my very own country, The United States of America.

I don’t agree with a lot of things that have changed this past decade, but this is my home, and the land of the free, the home of the brave…

God bless.


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Hello. We Need To Keep Up With Russia, Ukraine, and Iran. Not The Kardashians!

Its time to stop worrying about the Kardashians (The people that actually do and with their clicking keep them on top online), and read about what’s going on with our country, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and the rest of this globe! It may seem silly, but it just seems like every time I log onto my computer and get on the net, this family is always right up there with the world’s problems. I’m sure most of you are far more concerned with the global status as intellectuals. I just thought this would be a nice comparison, because it shows that not everybody understands how ‘big’ our world’s problems really are right now. Basically, like all other forms of ‘entertainment‘ this show is a distraction. 😀



Here is a link to a blog post that I made on March the 28th of this year regarding whats’ going on with space, this war-torn earth, and its weary people below.

You are sure to find something helpful here in this post, and I hope that you will share this if you agree.

Thank you 🙂


God bless,