Personal Journey

What About Me…

What I’ve learned about the enemy (or Satan’s kingdom of darkness) is that they hit you hardest at your weakest and most vulnerable points. For example, one of the worst situations is when they come at you using rejection if that’s something you’ve always dealt with. If you have spent your whole life comparing yourself to others before coming to Christ, you can be sure the devil will use that even among the Body of Christ. Before you know it you will find yourself bitter and envious toward a Brother or Sister because they are hearing from The Lord and you’re not. They are growing in their walk with Jesus and things just remain dark in your world. Your trials seem never ending. Why is it that everyone else is getting their breakthrough and not you? Those of us who have struggled with rejection our whole lives can easily find ourselves in this spot.

It’s painful when Satan uses old tactics from your life when you were in the world now in your life as a Christian. It’s something we need deliverance from. Praise God for deliverance ministry. Also, it’s been my experience that the enemy attacks the hardest when you first get out of bed. Your feet hit the floor and a billion sneaky fiery darts come rushing toward your mind. Anything to get you in a bad mood or set you on a bad course for the day. It’s so important to pray spiritual warfare in the morning and at night I think. If Satan’s going to start early, we should too.

We just have to remember and know that no two people are alike in their walks with Jesus. We all have different places in God’s plan and in The Body of Christ. God has unique trials and roads for us all to take, carefully designed for us individually. It is so very important that we do not compare ourselves to other Believers or what God is doing in their lives. Yes, we bear each others’ burdens, but I am talking about in an unhealthy way. Just because your Brother or Sister is on the mountain and you’re in the valley does not mean that God doesn’t have a mountain for you coming in due time.

We have the ability to choose what we accept in our minds. We have the ability to monitor our thought life and dismiss the ones not of God and to cast down imaginations contrary to God and His Word. We can choose to not entertain wicked thoughts and not act according to our emotions or our flesh. He’s given us free will. It’s up to us to die daily, pick up our cross and follow Jesus. Life may not make any sense at all to us right now, but we can’t afford to give up. We must remain faithful to Him in all things. If you’re like me, count how many sentences you begin with “I feel” or “I don’t feel.” It’s not about how we feel. We are supposed to be dead and it is Christ that lives, not us. Dead people don’t take offense.

How loyal are you going to be to God today? Did you count the cost?

I pray this blesses you somehow and glorifies The Lord today in Jesus’ Name.

Personal Journey

Suffering With GOD


JESUS is with you in the trials, on the darkest nights, and those mornings when you can’t stand to face the sunlight. There is hope for you, no matter what anybody says: your doctor, your parents, your kids, your family, friends or co-workers, people on the street and so on. GOD is The Great Physician, God knows your weaknesses and has the FINAL SAY!

Human beings make tons of mistakes every day and NONE of them are 100% reliable. We can only TRULY trust JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND THE SON OF GOD! Also, the enemy Satan and his army of demons, use other people and things to hurt us. Don’t take it personally when people slander you, use and abuse you, or insult you. The devil knows exactly where to shoot those fiery darts to try and attack your faith and trust in THE LORD! That’s why The Bible says in Ephesians 6 that we must use our shield of faith to quench those fiery darts of Satan when they come at us!

How does one strengthen their faith? Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, so read your Bible, seek The Face of God in prayer time, pray throughout the day to your God in The Name of Jesus Christ. After all God is our best friend and prayer is a conversation with our Maker! Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth! When you are filled with the Holy Spirit you don’t have to have a feel good beat to praise God Almighty because it truly comes from deep inside by The Spirit of God! You can feel His presence, just know He’s there and He loves to hear from His Child! Don’t forget fellowship with other believers at Church, Bible-studies, online, etc. We keep the fire going in our coming together!

Finally, like the poster says, our faith is made stronger in times of testing and trials. There are many things we go through in this life that make absolutely no sense or hurt with pain that seems unbearable. Just remember, when you’re at the end of your rope, that’s the perfect place to lean on your GOD and let Him lead you! He will PULL YOU OUT OF THE PIT. We just have to lean on Him and ask for His Grace and strength. Our God will fight for us. When we are weak He is strong! Though it may hurt for a while, our trust in The Lord is built and our faith strengthened while all along our relationship with Him grows ever so beautifully. We rely on our God and Maker, our Lord Jesus to get through these tough times. We are led by The Sweet Holy Spirit of GOD.

It’s gonna be okay. If you’re walking with Jesus, I promise. Be blessed in JESUS NAME!

If you do not know The Lord God, seek HIM NOW in JESUS alone ♥  †  ♥



Personal Journey

Giving Thanks.

Giving Thanks.

This morning, I arose to yet another snow covered yard, no current presence of sunshine, and the realization that my husband and I aren’t doing the best, or well at all…financially. Money is tight right now for us. We must create a new budget, with new stratagies for maintaining a positive relationship with funds. At 18, as a College Freshman, Psychology major, setting out to become a Psychologist, ten years ago it never crossed my mind that I would wind up here.

But you know what?

Praise GOD!

All of the dark times of depression and the aftermath of mania, the pain and suffering with trial and error of medications in efforts to find a balance, 5 stays at a psychiatric hospital in 2004, all the disappointments as plans were interrupted, and watching my life’s dreams slowly die, it all led me here. I am the complete opposite of the person that I planned on becoming. I am not making 70,000 dollars a year, I do not drive a BMW, I have no children, and never will… Our home is not three stories with an indoor pool, and ultimately now… NOW my definition of success has truly changed!

Glory be FOREVER to God, our Creator, and Father, and to Jesus, His Son, The Savior of mankind!!! I will never be able to praise Him enough for opening the eyes of my soul. All of the materialistic things that I desired to acquire, the career I believed I would be successful at, the earthly recognition, awards, and glory…it doesn’t matter. I am not saying that its bad, not at all. Wealth and great success are fine and wonderful blessings if you handle them the right way. I know that I am where I am supposed to be right now, and I accept this. Its God’s plan. I am not “complacent.” In all that has happened to me this past decade, I have acquired something worth far more than all the college degrees, huge salaries, BMW’s and mansions of this world. I have developed Wisdom. A wisdom like nothing else I’ve ever known. I’m a better person because things turned out this way. I am trusting in God and in His plan for my life, and am taking steps daily, asking Him for guidance, so that the next move is always in the right direction.

Lets all give thanks, despite the weather conditions, or anything that isn’t what we’d rather have today… All things happen for a reason. I have never known peace before. Now, I know peace, because I know God. My relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, brings me a joy that nothing else under the sun could! It may not be that easy of a principle to grasp… But I guarantee, if you give God a chance, He will lead you in the right direction, guide you and guard your steps.


God bless all of you today!


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