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Tonight You Are LOVED.

Child of God, if you feel you’re at the end of your rope, ask The Lord to tie a knot. If you’re torn apart and overflowing with tears, look in the mirror. You’re alive and still here. God saw you through countless other nights that you despised. God is ALL you need. GOD has to be ALL you need.

NOBODY ELSE can save you! NOBODY else WILL save you! NOBODY CAN complete you.

Like Brother Marcus Rogers is preaching, your mate should compliment you.

Nobody and nothing else can have that Sacred place in your heart. That’s for God. There’s places for others, but He is our TRUE and ONLY Rock and our first Love! The Son Of God is our Everything!

Revelation 2:4 “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.”

Hold onto The Lord tonight and every night.

He’s the only one that will ALWAYS be there.

He said He’d never leave us nor forsake us. He means it.

Jesus/Yeshua is The only MAN (The God Man) that will Forever catch EVERY tear you EVER cry.

He’s Perfect.

Don’t set your affections on the things of this world. We’re not here to stay anyways.

No matter how heavy your pain or even how dark the night, it’s temporary!

These light afflictions cannot compare to the glory that awaits us! Heaven is our Home!

Don’t look at what is seen! Be faith-driven, not fear driven. The Righteous are as bold as a lion.

Tonight He’s enough.

In every trial, Jesus/Yeshua is IT for us ❤️

Not just because He has to be or He should be.

He’s enough because we love Him.

He’s enough because He’s proven Himself Faithful and True! He holds the keys to death, Hell, and the grave and because of HIM and what He did for you, there is ABSOLUTE, Complete FREEDOM!

Nobody can love you like The Son Of God.

Hold onto Him.

He’s holding onto you.

He’s holding onto all of us far more than we’ll ever know this side of Heaven.

Amen. Rest well in The Lord, Precious Ones.

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Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale ♥

I watched a video last night about Yeshua/Jesus being a carpenter or a stonemason. While I can’t say conclusively one way or the other, the fact is that a man attempting to make a living as a wood carpenter would have had a challenging time because trees were, and still are, relatively scarce in that region. Whether He was a carpenter working with wood or a stonemason has no bearing on his work as Savior of the world. Regardless, He learned a trade from his earthly father, and He is still shaping His followers today, fitting them together into a spiritual house, a temple that is built to bring glory to YeHoVaH/God. A carpenter or stonemason specializes in putting things together. A carpenter or stonemason takes pieces of material and out of them forms something beautiful. If you’re human and living on this planet, chances are you’ve seen parts of your life break apart, dreams, relationships, promises, and hearts. We’ve all experienced missing pieces. Our lives need the hands of a man like Yeshua/Jesus. His specialty is to take the brokenness and piece it together until your life turns out to be something beautiful. Your part is to let Him have all the pieces. Bring to Him all of your brokenness your sorrows, losses, frustrations, hurts, and wounds. Give Him your broken dreams, relationships, promises, and broken hearts. Put them all into His hands. You don’t have to struggle with your life. You can entrust it into His hands because His hands are the hands of a master carpenter or stonemason. Facebook friends, today give Yeshua/Jesus any part of your life or heart that is or has been broken. Trust Him to redeem the broken pieces. Amen?


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I Don’t Have To Make Believe.

JJ Heller Lyrics

“Make Believe”

“You said you couldn’t keep me when you were seventeen
Too young to be a father
You kissed my hand and took your leave
And you taught me how to make believe Make believe I was a gift to you from heaven
Make believe that you would take me as your own
Make believe that you would set the mark of what a man should be
You taught me how to make believe

And now that I’ve grown older
I long for us to meet
I have a million questions
But most of all I want to see
If all of it was make believe

Another year has come and gone
I am living with your family
And I feel right at home
In the place where I always wanted to be

I’m going out this evening
I check the mirror twice
You stop me on the staircase
You kiss my hand and say that I look beautiful tonight

And I believe I was a gift to you from heaven
And I believe that you would take me as your own
I believe that you set the mark of what a man should be
Now I don’t have to make believe”

Glory to God!
Thank you, Jeff ♥
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Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeff Hale ♥

🎶Sitting by a foggy window
Staring at the pouring rain
Falling down like lonely teardrops
Memories of love in vain
These cloudy days, make you wanna cry
It breaks your heart when someone leaves and you don’t know why🎶

“No More Cloudy Days” isn’t a very popular Eagles song, but it has always touched my heart. I pray for all my Facebook friends, who are hurting, lonely, depressed or in “Unequally Yoked Marriages. When things appear the darkest remember that YeHoVaH/God is still in control and hasn’t forgotten us. Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. It is never to our disadvantage or harm.”
I am always amazed at how YeHoVaH/God takes our lives and makes out of them something that will bring glory to his name. We are far from perfect, far from the godly people we ought to be and yet somehow Our Father always overrules. When things appear the darkest remember that YeHoVaH/God is still in control and hasn’t forgotten us. (Romans 8:28) “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. It is never to our disadvantage or harm.” I am always amazed at how He takes our lives and makes out of them something that will bring glory to his name. We are far from perfect, far from the godly people we ought to be and yet somehow YeHoVaH/God overrules. If you have trusted your soul with Yeshua/Jesus, can you not trust Him with everything else? Can you not trust Him with your sick child, sick relatives or your sick husband, with your wealth, with your business, with your life? “Oh,” says one, “I hardly like to do that! It is almost presumption to take our minor cares to Him. But in so doing you will prove the truthfulness of your faith! My Grandpa told of a man who was walking along the high road with a pack on his back. He was growing weary and was, therefore, glad when a gentleman came along in a car and asked him to take a seat with him. The gentleman noticed that he kept his pack strapped to his shoulders, and so he said, “Why do you not put your pack down?” “Why, sir,” said the traveler, “I did not venture to impose. It was very kind of you to take me up, and I could not expect you to carry my pack as well.” “Why,” said his friend, “do you not see that whether your pack is on your back, or off your back, I have to carry it?”
Facebook friends, there will be “No More Cloudy Days” and it is so with your troubles. Whether you care, or do not care, it is the Yeshua/Jesus who must care for you! “I challenge you over the next few days, to rest in Yeshua/Jesus and fret no longer. Amen?

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I Praise The Lord for everything. God is Awesome.

Be of good cheer, dear friends.

Jesus Christ/Yeshua has amazing plans for your life and you do not have to hurt anymore. ♥


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For the brokenhearted, struggling woman

Jesusletter13 Jesusletter11 Jesusletter10 Jesusletter9 Jesusletter8 Jesusletter7Jesusletter6 Jesusletter5 Jesusletter4























































I found all of these on Google and have no idea who made them. I adore them though! They are so encouraging. I hope they inspire and comfort anyone reading. Letters from Jesus…

God bless you, always.

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This Valentine’s Day…

If you are considering a movie to be part of your Valentine’s Day this year, check this one out!

Trailer below

Synopsis via Fandango

A reformed frat boy opens an antique store in a college town, and falls for the free-spirited girl who moves into the apartment above his shop. In time, this unlikely pair fall into a traditional courtship. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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The Fault In Our Stars…& my thoughts

Today I made a very important decision. The list of my most favorite things was shaken up when I decided that “The Fault In Our Stars” is now my all time favorite movie. I know it hasn’t been around very long, but yes, its the one. I am so in love with this movie. I seriously recommend that you watch it, and read the book by John Green. Watch. It will change how you see love, life, and what it means to be human.

The line above really struck a chord inside of me…

That one speaks for itself…

The above? …Well, I cannot think of anything more amazing and kind thing to say to the person who you truly love… *sigh!*

Bring a box of tissues, but…This is epic!!!


*Images via Google.

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47 Years. Taking a Look at The Blessing of Marriage.

Here you can truly see the pride in my father’s eyes for his new bride, and the great love and wonder in my mother’s eyes for her husband. This is the beginning of their 47 year long marriage. My sister and I have been and are still yet blessed for this Union that God created. I am ever grateful for both of my parents. Losing my dad this past June of 2014 was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced, but the comfort from the Cross is the greatest consolation for my weary soul.

That March, 47 years ago, when this photo was taken, neither my mother nor father knew what the road ahead would bring. They just knew with all of their hearts who they wanted to share it with. These 47 years brought about many things. There were tears of both joy and sadness, many great memories, great milestones along the way-including the birth of two baby girls, 13 years apart (I was a surprise).

Maybe many would say it’s a shame that my parents didn’t make it to the great 50th Anniversary that married couples look forward to. It doesn’t bother me though because I know in my heart that they were so very blessed to share in so many years and all that those years brought. Because of my parents, I know what true love is between a man and a woman. Because of Jesus I know what TRUE love is between man and his God.

I believe that the stats for lasting marriages today are of a 40% success rate, with a terrible and growing divorce rate of 60%. Marriage is a gift from God and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I know that as human beings we have trouble in the flesh as husband and wife. There are disagreements and arguments. Sometimes things can seem so dark and like there’s no way out. I know from my own personal experience that we must take care of ourselves as individuals for the greatest success and results. We must stay away from things that harm us like addiction etc…and avoid temptation, keeping our eyes on our life’s mate. I have to go to greater lengths to keep a sound mind for making the best decisions and keeping a stable mood as I am a wife managing Bipolar disorder. I sit here in awe at how enlightened I am this moment. I am blessed to produce this post.

So, when the going seems to be getting too tough, look up. God created your partner just for you. He knows the ways you are different and the amazing ways you compliment one another. So if you are married, I challenge you to drop what you are doing and right now or at the very next available moment go to your spouse and let them know just how much they mean to you, how they live in your heart, with an “I love you.”

God bless always,



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My Love Is Broken.

My Love Is Broken.

Isn’t that awesome? Perhaps that’s what many of us long for… That kind of love. A powerful one. Not a ‘love’ where someone is capable of breaking your heart 5 different ways in 24 hours, lack of respect, but not of neglect…Where is love?

My love is broken. Its all grim and gloomy. I was praying for my God to restore my marriage…but how can something be restored that never really was? I seek transformation. I pray all the time..

This house is colder than an igloo this spring. My heart wants to stay, but my spirit is slowly dying because of him. He’s toxic to all of me: mind, body, and soul! Oh, my God, deliver me! The big D is horrific to say the least. I’ve seen loved ones that I’m so close with go through it. According to my faith, I may leave, if he will not turn around/repent. However, I think I have to remain alone for the rest of my days. I suppose what he did was just ‘unfortunate’ for me. My shot at happiness was trampled on with a the lie of a foundation that we were founded on 5 years ago.
I’m going to therapy at 10 a.m. today to go over all of this. I’ve been keeping a journal for release, and I’m gonna share that with her today. Family of faith, brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for me, my soul, and my broken heart; all the pieces that are left. This is the hardest decision I will ever have to make. Will I remain a prisoner who loves somebody in these unhealthy conditions? I don’t know what feeling in love is like, vs. loving a man.

I must carry on. Today is going to be what I make it, despite the conditions. I will pray all throughout the day, and try and keep my mind occupied. For it will be a little while before I can make a change, if that’s what is going to happen.

Have a blessed day, my friends!