TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL — Psalm 151 || “Testify To Love”

I ran across this clip from my most favorite episode of the 90’s show, Touched by An Angel on YouTube.
The plot is that this little boy is dying, and his momma has lost her passion for music, but all that happens and the power of God gives her strength to finish the song she had written for him when he was just a baby. The song is then called ‘Testify To Love.’ The role of the mother is played by guest starring country music star, Wynonna Judd.

The Son Will Shine On Me…


“Then the Son will shine on me
Send the light and set me free
I’ll be off and on my way
On my Independence Day

All the songs I could not sing
And all the words I could not say
I’ll be shouting everything
On my Independence Day”

Independence Day chorus by Imani Coppola on The Touched by An Angel Soundtrack, released in the late 90’s.

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