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Jesus TRULY loves you! Don’t Believe, watch this ♥

Jesus TRULY loves you! Don’t Believe, watch this ♥

NO MATTER WHAT! IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO FIND REST AND SALVATION FOR YOUR SOULS IN CHRIST FOR JESUS LOVES YOU BEYOND MEASURE! YOU ARE PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD AND OF HIS SON JESUS, THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND. YOU MATTER! You don’t have to suffer alone anymore nor believe the lies of the devil who tells you that you are worthless, alone, no good, ugly, stupid, nobody loves you, and all else that’s negative. There’s HOPE right HERE right NOW for you, if you just CRY OUT TO JESUS! He tasted death for everyone! Your sins will be forgiven, you will receive eternal life and the best friend you could ever have who sticks closer than a brother.


Personal Journey

“When I can’t s…

“When I can’t see the sun shine, I can most definitely see the Son shine! Thank God for that..” Mandi M. for Caged No More (Me)

Thought this one up while looking out my kitchen window on a very cold, dreary winter’s day, when all was gray, very dark for that time of day, without much sunlight. The Son being Jesus Christ, the Son of The Living God, and the Messiah.

I believe that our faith/religion/spiritual stance can really inspire us if we open up our hearts and let go of it all…all the negative energy. I have never felt this great in my life…sure there are moments where like everyone else I combat negative thinking, but my eyes have been opened in my twenties, this last decade that I have yet to complete 🙂

Blessings to you all and sweet dreams as well, or if you are in a very different time zone, I wish you beautiful day, that you will never forget.

-xox, Mandi