Personal Journey

God sees your tears and He loves you

These 7 minutes could change your life forever.

Personal Journey

Jesus TRULY loves you! Don’t Believe, watch this ♥

Jesus TRULY loves you! Don’t Believe, watch this ♥

NO MATTER WHAT! IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO FIND REST AND SALVATION FOR YOUR SOULS IN CHRIST FOR JESUS LOVES YOU BEYOND MEASURE! YOU ARE PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD AND OF HIS SON JESUS, THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND. YOU MATTER! You don’t have to suffer alone anymore nor believe the lies of the devil who tells you that you are worthless, alone, no good, ugly, stupid, nobody loves you, and all else that’s negative. There’s HOPE right HERE right NOW for you, if you just CRY OUT TO JESUS! He tasted death for everyone! Your sins will be forgiven, you will receive eternal life and the best friend you could ever have who sticks closer than a brother.


Personal Journey

And to All The Bad Thoughts…

And to All The Bad Thoughts...

WOW! That’s what I said when I saw this! Ha Ha! This one packs a powerful punch! God bless you guys today, and remember NO MATTER WHAT you are going through, God is still there. Don’t lose faith. In the midst of the storm, call upon Him, make your needs known via prayer aloud to Him through Christ. Also, very importantly, always lets give our Maker thanks in the storms of life. He never, ever leaves us! The enemy tries to make us think that and would love for us to believe it…but GOD is our True best friend. He’s the only one there when no one else can be, and you’re all alone, the One that will be there forever until we pass on.

Yesterday, I shed many tears, and doubt began to creep into my fragile, vulnerable mind. My spirit ached as I sat alone in our dark bedroom last night. My husband was gone with his brother to the store. My dad had been sick yesterday, and deals with a rough life daily anyway without legs…so many other family issues, like the fact that mom, dad, my sister and I are all four separated in different places. This weighed on my mind as well. It was just everything! All of the brokenness in my life, the pain that this winter brought, and all the tears…

So I did the best thing that anybody could ever do. I sent up a prayer. I told God that I was sorry for doubting Him, and that I just needed Him to breathe on my life a healing that only He could provide, and to open the Heavens and let blessings of peace, love, restoration, and happiness rain down on my life, my family, and my marriage. I believe He will come through! He has never failed me, and has even spared my life more than just once.

Don’t ever give up on our God…He never gives up on us. 🙂

Blessing to you all today!


*image source, Facebook News Feed.