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Relationship Warning: Jezebel And Ahab Got It Going On!

Divine teaching from The Lord above! Brother Marcus Rogers breaks it down for us about relationships working and not working.

Divine appointment or the flesh?

Deliverance is a must.

Relationships are spiritually ignored. This is IMPORTANT, especially if you are a Believer!


Be blessed in Yeshua’s Name! ♥

Personal Journey

No Matter Who You Are!

The depth of God’s Love and Mercy is too much to keep to myself. My heart is overwhelmed at how The Creator and God of all could forgive me, even He pursues me!!! When we are faithless He abides faithful because He cannot deny Himself! How can it be! Praise God it is so! The Creator of This Universe and all LOVES YOU!!! The one reading this! He wants a relationship with you which can and will come only through His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. The Sacred Blood that was shed 2,000 years ago still atones today. Come ye, all who thirst! There’s room at His table, no matter who you are or what the world considers you to be.You are loved in such a way you can never imagine. I love you too. Be blessed in Jesus Name.

Personal Journey

Love Your Wives as Christ Loved The Church…

Love Your Wives as Christ Loved The Church...


I don’t believe that this exists anymore. If it does, it is very, very rare. The chances of a man loving his wife really, and truly the way that Christ, our Savior, loves His Bride, The Church, are so slim in today’s world…I don’t think many men at all even understand that type of love, or are capable of it. I don’t know.

That’s been my personal experience…

In my situation of “love”…Being loved by a man as Christ loved The Church is no place near where I am…or where we are.