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This Needs to Be Talked About.

Satan hates G-d. So he hates man. Men are created in the image of G-d, so the devil loves emasculating the male today. Satan takes greatest pleasure seeing men living the complete opposite way of how they were created to live and be. Lucifer is having a field day with much success dispatching his seducing spirits forth to confuse the male populous (of course this is happening to women as well but I want to address the men right now) with their sexuality, with their design.

If the world only understood that there is a spiritual realm on this planet as well, just as real as what you see in the natural, and far more intelligent…things would be different. What we see in the physical first came about in the spiritual. Society does not handle problems the right way because the source is spiritual not physical. So, instead of true Disciples of Yeshua and the Church really doing their job as in,

Mark 16:17-18 (KJV)

17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.


…we have psychology, psychiatry, anti-psychotics, things like cognitive behavioral therapy and psychiatric hospitalization. I have experience in all of these and they did stall me by keeping me deceived and sedated…No condemnation if you use these things. I did not know the truth myself until this year when ABBA Y-h showed me. There are recreational drugs and alcohol to numb the pain (emotional and physical). Why does the government push vaccinations all the time? That is an entirely different set of blog posts in itself. They want to scare you and teach you that you truly need them. Whatever you renew your mind to is what you will believe. How many drug commercials do you see on TV every day pushing medicines where YOU should ASK your DOCTOR???


They want you to believe that these things are your safety net in a world of disease. Diseases that are simply inflicted by demons might I add (including Cancer). While I have freedom of speech in America to share this, I gotta get it out. People are in total bondage because of their ignorance. This stuff goes deep! Back to the topic at hand.

While men of all ages are “experimenting” sexually in ways other than practicing with their own wife in the marriage bed (undefiled) as designed by The Almighty, Satan laughs as he counts the souls he’s collecting. Every time a man slips into some women’s lingerie or goes shopping for new makeup while living transgender, Satan adds a check mark to his tally (unless The Blood of Yeshua is applied in Salvation and the person is Born Again). It’s only by the boldness of G-d that I am able to present all of this. I speak the Truth in LOVE. A lot of these precious souls don’t even believe  because of the lies of the enemy. Strongholds.  The truth is that this whole thing called life is a BIGGER picture than what you see with your eyes! I want you to know these things and awaken from the slumber of this dark and dying world. Prayer moves mountains. Keep praying!

Demons inside of human beings can make us do all kinds of things. Things we would never ever imagine ourselves doing. Things we could never have the strength and ability or desire to do without that influence inside of us. For example, spirits of lust and seduction can destroy a marriage in the blink of an eye. Then before you know it, you’re thinking, How did it get this far!?! But it did. You had an open door. There were legal rights that allowed these demonic entities access into your lives. Even worse… to your body.  Your very soul. If you are a Christian and sealed by the Holy Spirit you can still be influenced in this way as demons are able to enter into your unsaved flesh and brain. Not your SAVED spirit! Yeshua saved you. Your body is not saved. The Holy Spirit Seal cannot be changed or broken by these forces. Many Christians disagree with this, but look around. Talk to people and do some research, dear Brothers and Sisters. This stuff is unfortunately real and happening all of the time.

If you are not a Born Again Christian, you can be completely POSSESSED. You can actually lose control completely, being a wide open machine or puppet for these dark forces! The kingdom of darkness is eager to use you to accomplish their goals and lavish in their own pleasures while inside of you! You don’t ever want to be in that place. Don’t let yourself be destroyed or throw yourself away by stepping into sin and messing with the devil’s territory.

Before The LORD drew me to Him and I was Born Again, I was so fascinated with haunted houses and historical buildings. I loved ghost-hunting TV shows. I got so excited with the Ouija board. I was thrilled with visiting fortune tellers, having my future foretold with the crystal ball, tarot cards and palm reading. Over the years I tried oils that were powered by people who were really witches. I sent money to a witch across the country to make an old boyfriend return to me. By the way, my late dad on earth was a Freemason.  Not good for me. Generational. Look that up if you want. I could expound further but this isn’t where I’m going.

I was completely intrigued and seduced by the Occult. This is truly the worst place to catch demons. The worst demons, I believe. G-d has been teaching me so much and revealing all of this to me. Glory to The G-d The Father in The Name of Yeshua! Through The Power of The Holy Spirit!

It’s just been on my heart. The topic of the devil trying to destroy the Head of The Home in G-d’s Perfect Order of The Family. The one who should even be willing to die for his wife because he loves her the way Yeshua loved The Church, HIS Bride. The woman is the Glory of the man. Man is not made for man. That is a lie from Hell planted into society and people by demonic forces. Satan’s going for the jugular, running to and fro seeking whom he may devour. Sin can feel good. Really good. But the wages of it is death! Far worse than you can ever imagine. There are so many ways to be lured and then entangled into sin.

Finally, this is the very important Biblical explanation about how the man is made in G-d’s image (more like the image of G-d than woman being made in the image of G-d).

For a man indeed ought not to cover his head,…. The Ethiopic version adds, “whilst he prays”; which is a proper interpretation of the words, though a wrong version; for the apostle’s meaning is not, that a man should not have his head covered at any time, but whilst he is in public worship, praying, prophesying, or singing of psalms: the reason is,

forasmuch as he is the image and glory of G-d. The apostle speaks of man here as in his first creation, in his state of innocence before his fall; but now he has sinned and defaced this image, and come short of this glory; which lay partly in his body being made after the exemplar of the body of Christ, the idea of which G-d had in his eternal mind, and according to which he shaped the body of Adam: and partly in his soul, in that righteousness and holiness, wisdom and knowledge, and all other excellent gifts in which it was formed. So the Jews (b) say, the understanding is “the glory of G-d”. And it chiefly lay in the power and dominion he had over all the creatures, and even over the woman when made; at least this is principally respected here, in which there is such a shine and representation of the glory and majesty, power and dominion of G-d; and therefore man ought to worship him with his head uncovered, where this image and glory of G-d is most illustriously displayed: not but that the woman, is the image and glory of G-d also, and was made as man, after his image and likeness, with respect to internal qualities, as righteousness, holiness, knowledge, etc. and with regard to her power over the other creatures, though in subjection to man; but yet man was first originally and immediately the image and glory of G-d, the woman only secondarily and mediately through man. The man is more perfectly and conspicuously the image and glory of G-d, on account of his more extensive dominion and authority:

but the woman is the glory of the man; being made out of him, and for his help and assistance, and to be a crown of honour and glory to him. The apostle speaks the sense, and in the language of the Jews. The words in Isaiah 44:13. “After the figure of a man, according to the beauty of a man”, are by the Targum rendered, “after the likeness of a man, after the glory of a woman”; and the note of a famous (c) interpreter of theirs upon the last clause is, “this is the woman”, “who is the glory of her husband”; but why is she to be covered for this reason, when the man is to be uncovered? it is to be observed, that it is in the presence and worship of G-d that the one is to be uncovered, and the other covered; the one being the glory of G-d, and therefore to be uncovered before him; and the other the glory of man, and therefore to be covered before G-d; and especially, since being first in the transgression, she who is man’s glory has been the means of his shame and disgrace. The Jews seem to make this the reason of the difference; they ask (d),

“why does a man go out with his head uncovered, and a woman with her head covered? it is answered, it is like to one that has committed a sin, and he is ashamed of the children of men, therefore she goes , “with her head covered”.”

(b) Maimon. in Misn. Chagiga, c. 2. sect 1. 1. (c) R. Sol. Jarchi in Isaiah 44.13. (d) Bereshit Rabba, sect. 17. fol. 15. 1.

7-9. Argument, also, from man’s more immediate relation to G-d, and the woman’s to man.

he is … image … glory of G-d—being created in G-d’s “image,” first and directly: the woman, subsequently, and indirectly, through the mediation of man. Man is the representative of G-d’s “glory” this ideal of man being realized most fully in the Son of man (Ps 8:4, 5; compare 2Co 8:23). Man is declared in Scripture to be both the “image,” and in the “likeness,” of G-d (compare Jas 3:9). But “image” alone is applied to the Son of G-d (Col 1:15; compare Heb 1:3). “Express image,” Greek, “the impress.” The Divine Son is not merely “like” G-d, He is G-d of G-d, “being of one substance (essence) with the Father.” [Nicene Creed].

woman … glory of … man—He does not say, also, “the image of the man.” For the sexes differ: moreover, the woman is created in the image of G-d, as well as the man (Ge 1:26, 27). But as the moon in relation to the sun (Ge 37:9), so woman shines not so much with light direct from G-d, as with light derived from man, that is, in her order in creation; not that she does not in grace come individually into direct communion with G-d; but even here much of her knowledge is mediately given her through man, on whom she is naturally dependent.


Christians, I encourage you to seek The LORD on this. It is definitely something profound to share with the world. If you are not a Christian I encourage you to ponder these things and make a decision for yourself. Yeshua is controversial in this world. People either love Him or hate Him. Most people are okay with G-d Bless, but when you add Jesus or Yeshua, then things get shaken up. Whether you love Him or hate Him, He brings everything to Light. He is so Beautiful. He convicts you of sin, He teaches the true meaning of love and is the only way to G-d The Father. I pray this blesses you and I send my love in Yeshua.



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Going Green for Mental Health Month In May!


At this link you will find how to be able to color your Facebook or twitter profile picture in a green shade to show your support in National Mental Health Month in the United States, as declared by President Obama last year.

This is very important to me not only because of my own experiences with Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and Bulimia, but also for the passion in my heart for those who have suffered and who are especially hurting now. This month we are remembering and recognizing the pain that is felt on this earth by mental illness, the stigma, how our families are affected and so much more. I also have a banner for you to use as your cover photo on a social media profile. I got this from the site as well.


I encourage all of you to support this awareness one way or another. You don’t have to color your profile pic or speak out boldly with the using of this image as a cover photo. You can do so much. Just check it out on the link I provided above, and this even includes sharing your story on the Nami website.

Finally, I want to encourage you with this: has a huge list of forums for those dealing with mental illnesses, struggling in their own minds and lives, for family and friends, and people who want to learn. I’ve used this forum several times to ask questions, answer questions, offer support, get the support I need from those who have been there, and offer hope as well as to be lifted by the success stories of others.

Also, in conclusion, I want to share this link:

If you are feeling so depressed, hopeless, maybe that you would be better off not on this earth alive anymore, and your hurting is so great in this dark place and it seems like no one understands… Please go to that site and seek help. It has so much to offer. I also really encourage you to share this with others to spread the word and spread hope because suicide is in vain. It solves nothing, and only brings pain and suffering to your loved ones. Even if you feel nobody would miss you, you are cheating this world of what you were sent to contribute accomplish here in a way that only you can, on earth. I can say this because I was there some years ago. I’ve said it millions of times, but, if you are breathing with a beating heart, you are not over! God has plans for you. Any type of suffering. Know this.

God be with you always and heal you with a miracle and relief,


Amanda ❤

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Rising From The Ashes. 10 Years ago…

I was the first one out the door at my high school graduation. For real!!! Too bad there wasn’t a reward for that! ha ha…I took no photos, period. I went straight to the car, and sat in the hot car with leather seats that really sucked because it was in June. I have no clue how I made it through high school.

Then, there was a little college….

However, a little after the beginning of the second semester at my local University, I slowly fell apart…I had to withdraw…

I died at 18. Not physically…something happened though. I experienced my first mania…I lost my grasp on reality…and I began to slowly slip away into the darkness. Maybe you’ve been there before…very, very bright lights, laughing faces, flashing colors, fast cars/90mph in a 55, a high that no drug could ever give anyone-and that’s whether you’ve ever used or not…You know, I could feel my blood pressure drop and I could not get enough sleep at one time a couple days prior to the mania…its almost as if my body was preparing itself for all of that.Then BAM!  It hits. The agitation, the upset, the anger, the rage, the acting out and lashing out at those who matter most…and myself…Oh at the frustration when you wind up on a med or two that causes you to really gain weight. What if you already have an eating disorder like I did? Being a Bulimic put on Depakote was a total nightmare…for me. Its all so blurry now, and in some ways I am glad……

This Spring is the ten year anniversary of my first mania and the diagnosis of Bipolar disorder for me. March 2004 it went down.

This has been a decade of learning-the hardest way I know how. So much has happened…all the way from me losing my mind to my dad losing his legs to losing a few of our own family members…its gone though. I am ready to move on. Nobody likes to look back at their days in the psych. ward when they felt emotionally abused by others while sick and confused…and it was just bad…nobody likes taking meds, especially if they are liquid and taste bad. Nobody likes having a ‘weird’ roommate when you are so insecure and coming back from your short lived vacation on Manic Cloud 9, hating on yourself, or just numb. Nobody likes 5am blood draws while you are still in bed, being rudely awakened at 7am…going to breakfast at 8 am in line, group therapy 4 times a day, being hated on for hogging the pay phone and carrying around a sack of quarters because you are homesick…none of that feels good. And every day when its your turn to see the doc, without fail, you always ask when you going to be discharged first before anything else is discussed…And the population—you are in there with all walks of life…so watch out  :/

I may end up writing a book…but you know, in the end, when I drive by that place now, I no longer tremble in a slight PTSD manner. Now, I look to the sky and thank God that the place that I was so afraid of and hated so much turned out to be the very place that stopped the madness and ended the chaos that fell upon my life and our family. That hospital saved my life. I am thankful for it and the fact that it is continuing to save lives…and that I have been blessed to have been working with the same pdoc for a decade now. I hope he never retires! hehe. God bless all of our caretakers and medical teams…

I am truly blessed to be here tonight typing this blog out at 3:30 in the morning. I am in violation. I need to go to bed! Maybe I will develop something later on using this, cuz I just can’t finish it right now. I just had to get something down though 😉

Love you guys -night!