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Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale :D

I awoke last night with a song stuck in my head I hadn’t heard since my music class at Roselawn Grade School in Danville Illinois.

🎶 Sing, sing a song
Make it simple to last
Your whole life long
Don’t worry that it’s not
Good enough for anyone
Else to hear
Just sing, sing a song🎶

Today WordPress friends, sing a song! Most Believers think it’s enough to know the Word of YeHoVaH/God, but the Word of YeHoVaH/God is so good, so beautiful, and so over flowing that it has to be sung. While reading in Ephesians this mourning, you are commanded to make melody in your heart. For the Word of YeHoVaH/God, like His Spirit, must flow and overflow in your heart. It has to become the music of your spirit. It doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like. He hears the singing of your he art. Today, no matter what’s happening around you, make melody in your heart to YeHoVaH/God. Amen?

***Warning, this song will be stuck in your head for days***