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4 Legged Friends.

Glory 2 God.

I miss you, Little Bit.

You’re still my best friend, I miss you hiding your peppermint candy that you stole off the coffee table-stashing it in the chair in the living room which you claimed as your own.

I miss your little black nose poking underneath my bedroom door nightly to make sure I was okay still..

I miss

I Praise God for The closure He gave me when The Holy Spirit led me to sing to you as you were passing away at home in your little bed.

I praise God for all the car rides we took in my convertible with the top down-you thought it was so cool.

Thank God for all our 4 legged friends.

The world is a beautiful place because of the pets He shares with us.

This JJ Heller song came on last night-one of the ones I sang to her as she quietly left this world.

Praise God for His Tenderness & Mercy.

He is SO Beautiful! 🔥🙏

Personal Journey

Our Baby, Bella!

Our Baby, Bella!

Reminiscing with my hunny. Our baby girl turned 3 this year! She has captured the hearts of our entire family. Her favorites:
-food: pickles, -thing: having her belly rubbed, -place: in bed with mommy, -person: Josh (one of my brother in laws), -pet peeves: being held too long, and finally, Bella would like a shout out to her big sis, Lou Lou. Bella is such a blessing and life wouldn’t be the same without her!

Personal Journey

Things I’ve Learned About Life From My Parakeet, Rocky

Things I've Learned About Life From My Parakeet, Rocky

He may be small, but much can be learned from this little guy. I mean, look! He really knows how to shine in a photograph and make things extra special!

This past winter in my deep depression, I didn’t get my birdy out as much as I should have. However, he remained happy, and sang anyway, bobbed his head, and looked forward to breakfast and dinner every day.
-There is purpose to be found in each day of existence. Joy is something that’s possible all of the time, even when we are “caged.”

As we’ve heard before “Big things come in little packages.”
-No matter how ‘small’ you are, you are still so very able to change the world with your smile, and make your mark while you are here with the work you are called to do. No matter how little your resources may be, or how big your obstacles…it can happen, and if you want it badly enough, with the work required, it will!

Rocky is green. His look is of the ‘Standard Parakeet.’ Though he’s not exactly the most handsome or rare birdy of the world, he is amazingly beautiful, and perfect because he is what he is-what God made him to be.
– We can apply this to ourselves. God makes no mistakes. Look at all of these exotic birds, and marine fish as well, for example! They are so different from what we’re used to up here where I’m at! We are all beautiful, very unique, and given distinct features about us, tasks to carry out, and our own types of obstacles on the earth which lead us to our very own individual destinations.

Finally, I feel that along with the fact that God gave us animals to have for companionship and to enjoy. I also believe that there is much to be learned from every creature on this earth. They are all amazing! I’ve given you 3 of the many things I’ve learned from my Parakeet, Rocky, aka Rock-Man. I hope you find this inspiring in some way or that it may bring a smile to your face!


Personal Journey

Surfing The Web For Something I’m Sure Not to Find There…

I’m scrambling around on my desk, looking for pen, paper…multiple tabs are open on my Firefox browser. From one idea to the next, from Craigslist to online gaming websites, I search. I need something to do because I am unemployed and going out of my mind. Blogging can only take up so much of my time. I am far too moody to hold down a job, but intelligent and charming enough to land any that I desire and qualify for… Oh, at all the jobs and schools I have fooled over the years! Too bad I inherited my daddy’s dark Bipolar disorder. You can have something under control, and still not be ‘the same.’

I just stopped. I closed all of those open tabs on my Firefox browser because I figured it out. What I am really looking for is love, friendship, companionship, happiness, joy, satisfaction, and contentment. None of these things are on the world wide web. All of the X Box games, online gaming sites or subscriptions, and getting my XBOX out of pawn don’t fix this. All of the sweet little kittens, puppies and other animals online for adoption or for sale are but a band-aid. There is a real problem here, folks. I have 2 dogs, and 2 birds. I still seek affection and companionship in even more animals, which I do not need, and cannot afford to support. If I were untreated for Bipolar disorder and so on, I would probably been an animal hoarder. I guess its because of all the wonderful things that our furry friends represent which we lack, we seek in them.

There is a void in me, an emptiness that doesn’t seem to be able to be filled with any hobby, object, or anything under the sun. I have been praying about the matter. Though my faith is strong, there are still dark moments such as these, when I am vulnerable, and long for deliverance.

My husband spent the day out with his brother, came home with dinner, ate in his aquarium room, and I ate in my little treadmill/office room. He goes out to smoke and comes in to say goodnight. He went to bed. Its getting dark outside. Now all of those things I mentioned are growing and becoming stronger-those feelings of sadness, loneliness and boredom.

Life is a journey. I’m going to hold onto the rails while we sail over this tide.

God bless you all tonight!



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Weird Fact: My dogs Love & Enjoy When I Dance! LOL!


So…Today I got my boogie on and busted a few moves to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. My dogs were thrilled and became very excited, waggly tails and all! Lou Lou & Bella began to bounce a little themselves! Hahahah! I found this so amusing. Have any of you had any similar experiences? I’d love to hear! Comment below if you like.

Goodnight, ya’ll!


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Today is World Spay Day!

Today is World Spay Day!

Today is World Spay Day! Did you know that an unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years!?!? In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens!!!
Much love!
Puppy POWER!!! (Kitty power too!) hehe.

*Photo credit: Google Images.

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Its Furry Friday!!!

Its Furry Friday!!!

For this Furry Friday Evening’s Dose of Cuteness, I am sharing a photo of my baby, Bella!
She’s a 3 year old Chihuahua who’s always very laid back, but opinionated as well. It takes more than a couple pets to win her trust. She’s not as social as her sister, Lou Lou. However, Bella’s chunky cuddles are sweeter than any iced tea ever thought about being!!! Love it!

I captured this image via phone as I crept up to the couch where she was sleeping.

Enjoy the rest of your Furry Friday!

God bless!


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Happy Birthday, Little Bit! :)

Happy Birthday, Little Bit! :)

Its after midnight, which makes it the 19th of February, so I suppose I can post this now since its official. Twelve years ago, this day, one of my closest best friends was born. However, I didn’t meet her until she was six months old in August of 2002, I’m pretty sure. This dog was sent by God above to me, personally. This is not the first time I’ve posted about my four-legged best friend on this blog. I have mentioned her several times as well in various posts.

I have never had a pet this long in my life. Little Bit is a family member, a human in the form of a furry, four-legged creature made by God. Like all other animals, she has a soul. I hope to one day see her in Heaven. Spending forever with Little Bit would be very Heavenly! She was there for me from the troubled end of my high school experience, through my college mania, diagnosis of Bipolar disorder in 2004, and the years of depression and continued Bulimia that followed.

I don’t know how much longer Little will be with our family, even one of our human members could go first though as far as that is. No matter what happens, she truly changed my life. Little Bit is proof that our Living God gives us everything we need. I didn’t know then just how amazing she would be for me, and looking back, Little is one of the most major blessings in my 28 years.

The photo I am sharing was taken many years back before her eyebrows and all the brown on her body turned white with age. She is still beautiful, with a soul that radiates her deepest love and kind heart.
In prayer tonight:
Thank you, Heavenly Father for sharing this ever precious, little angel with me. I love you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.