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I Now Know This

inowknowthisGood morning everyone!

I want to share this with you guys today. I hope you are as blessed by it as I am! 🙂 Have a great day!


2014, America, Eating Disorder, God, Hope, Jesus, Life, lifestyle, Personal Journey, self-help, Soul Searching

The Hardest Times…

I prayed about much that was troubling me, logged onto Facebook, and one of my sister’s in the Church had posted this image one hour prior. I consider this my answer from God through her hands and onto my screen. “Every tear I’ve cried you hold in your hand…” -Casting Crowns

Personal Journey

Saints & Angels…For my Husband and I.

This song describes my love that I declared to be ‘broken’ a few posts ago.
Its about the essence of marriage/love…such an amazing song, most definitely worth a listen! 🙂
“Saints & Angels” is by country vocalist Sara Evans.
This is a lyric video, meant for audio purposes only.

finding peace daily,


Video source: I am but a fan of this song, and via YouTube came across this.

Personal Journey

I Don’t Care What Everyone Else Says That I Cannot Do…Anymore!

Don’t write something you’ll regret!!!

People like you for what they’re used to, so you cannot change!

Like a r&B singer going pop, its a transition.

Something new is about to be born.

I am not just being restored…

I am recreated.



I am making some major changes in this game called life.

The way I play is going to turned up a few notches…

First I lost my mind.

Then I lost some weight.

Tired of losing.

Time for winning.

So here I go…

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m no longer on the brink.

I’m jumping in.

I don’t believe in luck, so don’t wish it for me.

Diving into my new life, without thinking twice.

There is no time for careful consideration.

All of that pondering has led me no place else but…here.


I’ve made an executive decision.

I’m severing my own ties and breaking my very own chains.

For many years I’ve been a prisoner in a big body and an anxious mind.


Freedom, Is what I choose.