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Singing the scriptures!! ROMANS 8

Published on Jul 31, 2018

God is for us!! Life and peace!! The old man is dead
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Come Join Kate White Tonight! The STORY BEHIND THE SONG!

These live songwriting discussions are really a blessing!

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Slip Sliding Away. Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale ♥

🎶Whoah God only knows, God makes his plan
The information’s unavailable to the mortal man
We’re workin’ our jobs, collect our pay
Believe we’re gliding down the highway,
when in fact we’re slip sliding away🎶

“Slip Sliding Away” was originally written in 1975 and was considered to be on the Paul Simon Album of that years “Still Crazy After All These Years” it was decided not to release the song that year. The song was eventually released in 1977 and appeared on the album “Greatest Hits Etc…” It was also released as a single in October 1977 and instantly became a hit. The song has a number of possible meanings. One possible meaning is that the song is about how we reflect on life passing us by, and the regrets we have in that life for the choices we’ve made. First verse: a man’s overpowering love for the (wrong?) woman causes him to “lose” his identity. Second verse: a woman who “became a wife,” whose “good days” aren’t so good, and who’s “bad days” are spent wondering how much life has to offer, and how she made the wrong choice in a husband. Third verse: a father who abandoned his son and traveled far to tell him why, to explain, only to leave, knowing he couldn’t ever make his son understand why his dad left him. Last verse: we think we’ve got it all figured out, but ONLY in the moment. When we look back, we’ll wonder why we didn’t do things differently. The song has many meanings and is written in that way, to prompt reflection on life. Paul Simon is a expert lyricist and know how to weave a good song. The song indeed is about life passing us by and the regrets we have for the choices we make. The feeling that kind of reflection engenders is that of life sliding away from beneath us and we are powerless to do anything about it. Facebook friends, once you have experienced His love I’m not sure how you can feel content living outside that love once more. We must be on our guard daily as apathy and the world’s values have a creeping effect and before long we have slidden. If you recognize this morning that this is where you are at, ask YeHoVaH/God like David did in his sliding away “Restore to me the Joy of My Salvation”. May you know today a living relationship with Yeshua/Jesus that sustains you and may you resolve to not slip away. Amen