Talk About Some Good Music 🎸🎶🎶

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Praise God for some Holy Spirit led tunes that will help you get through! 🙏

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Whatever season you’re in… the fact is…

This is really good stuff!!! 🎶

The Truth About Mind Control.

Check out these whistle blowers! To God be The Glory!

We should really be exposing this stuff!

And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

2 Corinthians 10:6

Read these excellent articles exposing what’s really going on with MK Ultra Mind Control and Celebrities…

These women were crying out for help. Please pray for them.










See how all this works BELOW…







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God says that His People perish for lack of knowledge in Hosea 4…

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Russ Dizdar * Black Awakening * D.I.D. * Satanic Ritual Abuse * Satanic Super Soldiers


Kate White “I Will Rise”

Praise THE LORD!

This song is brand new to me and my life. It is now one of my most favorite of all time!

Kate White is truly an amazing woman of God, Sweet Sister in The LORD, and Brilliant vocalist/musician.

I pray this blesses you Greatly today in The Name of Yeshua!

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Come Join Kate White Tonight! The STORY BEHIND THE SONG!

These live songwriting discussions are really a blessing!

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Let’s have us a little Revival. ♥

On the way back to the car along my blessed afternoon walk, I reached for my phone to put on something faster to wrap things up with some pep.  I wound up looking through Sara Evans songs. I came across Revival and because of the title, I had to listen. I looked for it on YouTube and I found this video about the song.

This song means a lot to me. I really enjoy it. It is my prayer that The Lord blesses all of you with a little revival in your hearts tonight as you listen to this song and sing along in your soul. The Lord is at work in the earth. It’s not over yet. These may be the end times, but God’s People are still here to be The Light! HalleluJah! A little revivial!

Amen to LOVE!