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Miranda Lambert Loves Dogs! (In case you didn’t already know)

“Miranda Lambert is a big animal advocate, and she loves to help pets in need of good homes. Recently, the singer teamed up with Pedigree to make the world a better place for shelter dogs. When Pedigree launched their new Shelter Renovation Project, Miranda’s Tishomingo Animal Shelter became the pet food company’s very first beneficiary.”
See video:

Miranda Lambert Tears Up Talking About Saving Shelter Dogs



From Miranda’s Facebook Page:

Every dog lover has a story to tell, and I’m so excited to unveil my own story in a documentary film that shares my passion for dog adoption. Plus, every time you share your own story using #DogTalesPedigree Adoption Drive will donate food to a shelter in need, so let’s hear your stories! #sponsored 

Miranda Lambert just happens to be my favorite singer already, so I guess now she shines a little brighter for me! 🙂