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Going Green for Mental Health Month In May!


At this link you will find how to be able to color your Facebook or twitter profile picture in a green shade to show your support in National Mental Health Month in the United States, as declared by President Obama last year.

This is very important to me not only because of my own experiences with Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and Bulimia, but also for the passion in my heart for those who have suffered and who are especially hurting now. This month we are remembering and recognizing the pain that is felt on this earth by mental illness, the stigma, how our families are affected and so much more. I also have a banner for you to use as your cover photo on a social media profile. I got this from the site as well.


I encourage all of you to support this awareness one way or another. You don’t have to color your profile pic or speak out boldly with the using of this image as a cover photo. You can do so much. Just check it out on the link I provided above, and this even includes sharing your story on the Nami website.

Finally, I want to encourage you with this: has a huge list of forums for those dealing with mental illnesses, struggling in their own minds and lives, for family and friends, and people who want to learn. I’ve used this forum several times to ask questions, answer questions, offer support, get the support I need from those who have been there, and offer hope as well as to be lifted by the success stories of others.

Also, in conclusion, I want to share this link:

If you are feeling so depressed, hopeless, maybe that you would be better off not on this earth alive anymore, and your hurting is so great in this dark place and it seems like no one understands… Please go to that site and seek help. It has so much to offer. I also really encourage you to share this with others to spread the word and spread hope because suicide is in vain. It solves nothing, and only brings pain and suffering to your loved ones. Even if you feel nobody would miss you, you are cheating this world of what you were sent to contribute accomplish here in a way that only you can, on earth. I can say this because I was there some years ago. I’ve said it millions of times, but, if you are breathing with a beating heart, you are not over! God has plans for you. Any type of suffering. Know this.

God be with you always and heal you with a miracle and relief,


Amanda ❤