Warfare Prayer against Halloween!!

The month of October brings on the dark spiritual forces, and continues through Halloween or “All Hallows’ Eve”. Do you know what is taking place at this time? On October 31st, the high priest of all witch covens are required to make a blood sacrifice, whether animal or human.

In the name of Jesus I command all astral projection, ungodly silver cords, implants, Lay lines, and spirit triggers to be removed In the name of Jesus. We come against ALL spirits that operate during halloween and leading u too. We bind all spirits of death and Samhain.
I cancel all satans assignments against my family both human and spiritual in Jesus Name. I Pray that God would intervene and create circumstances that will prevent the ritual human and animal sacrifices from taking place.
I close all gateways and portals (including the third eye) the enemy may use in Jesus Name.
I seal and cover myself and whole family with the precious Blood of Jesus now.
I declare we are now hidden in the secret place of the Most High in Jesus Name and declare we are invisible to the enemy and Hidden In Christ, Amen.
I thank you Lord all my enemies are now removed from my presence in Jesus Name.
I release the Blinding Light of God on all evil spiritual hosts that even try to come near me and my Family in Jesus name.
We declare we are clothed in his Glorious Armour of light right now Amen!!!!
Sickness, depression, distraction, discouragement, Oppression Go ….Now in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!!! We renounce all works of darkness!
I bind the prince of the power of the air and all his networks, and destroy all their strategies and assignments against myself and family.
I release the anointing of God over myself, my family, and all my circumstances.
Angels of God…attack now!!! All demons go to the pit never to return, in Jesus name!
I release the fruit of the Holy Spirit over all of us now, in Jesus name!

I Pray that those who regard themselves as faithful Christians –and yet “learn the way of the heathen” by celebrating Halloween or engaging in so-called “Halloween alternatives”— would see Halloween the way God sees it and repent. Ask him to do what is necessary to cause them to understand that by observing Halloween they are dishonoring God and actively giving Satan place in their lives, in Jesus name.

We join with all the other Christians praying in righteousness against halloween!

From KEYS TO THE KINGDOM Deliverance Ministry

Prayer Against Epilepsy

Say this prayer two times a day morning and night.  To God be all the glory and praise in Jesus name, amen.

Thank you Jesus for who you are. Thank you Jesus for loving me. Dear, lord Jesus please forgive me of all my sins so i can pray with a clean heart,and i forgive everyone who hurt me and i bless them in Jesus name amen. Epilepsy !! i renounce  you!! I come out of agreement with you now and forever you have no authority over me i am free from you in Jesus strong name amen. Spirit of fear!! I rebuke you!! I will not!! Fear. fear is not of faith i am a faith person , and you will obey me. GO!! To the pit now in Jesus name spirit of epilepsy!! ,and all fits!! Convulsions !! seizures !! and all  abnormalities!! I REBUKE YOU !!! Go from me now to where the lord Jesus sends you  in Jesus strong name amen you no longer have a place in me epilepsy and his helpers will leave me Now!! In Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus for  healing me . and i receive my healing in Jesus name amen. holy spirit fill me up fill the voids in me continue  to use me and set me free in Jesus  name amen!


Amazing People who LOVE JESUS!

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Praise Report! Supernatural HEALING is for TODAY!

Praise, Honor, and Glory to The MOST High God! The GOD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, our Heavenly Father…has done it again! The CURE for CANCER and EVERYTHING ELSE IS COMPLETELY FREE! It’s simply The Power of The Holy Spirit and The NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

The LORD has blessed me tremendously through this beautiful praise report that I am sharing with you as an obedient vessel who God blessed with THE TRUTH!

Scrolling through a Facebook intercessory prayer group one day in November I ran across a prayer request from a Sister in Jesus who at that time had a lump on her neck. God wanted to reach her and move, so He blessed me to reach out to this woman and share a couple of things. 1. Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Techniques on YouTube 2. Keys to The Kingdom Deliverance Ministry prayer against Cancer.

The results were Fabulous.

How GREAT is our GOD!?!?

God had me originally reach out to Sister Nikki on November 28th.

Thursday, December 13, 2018 God had Nikki reach out to me!

Hi Sister!
I forgot to update you! That lump on my thyroid is completely gone. Actually it was gone last week. Thank you for your prayers

Praise GOD! He IS Awesome!

THE LORD WANTS to give perfect health to all of us. Jesus took EVERYTHING for us. God wants us to live the blessed abundant life and not be cursed! So many churches don’t teach on deliverance ministry and generational curses. This is displeasing to God. His People are truly perishing for lack of knowledge. What God blessed me to do was start a spark. Sparks create bigger FIRES! REVIVAL IS NOW.

Please check out Keys’ Generational Curse Breaker HERE for yourself. It’s a game changer!

Love you all! Be blessed abundantly tonight and always in JESUS NAME!

God is NO RESPECTER of persons! He wants to BLESS YOU, Dearest Readers! Whatever your troubles may be…

I LOVE THIS… Please remember it and be sure and cry out IN JESUS NAME! 🙂

Psalm 34:19 King James Version (KJV)

19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.


No matter where you are or what kind of situation you may be in, JESUS IS ENOUGH.


Praise Report! God is on The Move!!!

Do you believe in signs and wonders?

God still heals today!!!

Divine healing was paid for on The Cross!

Below you will see the healing Testimony of a precious Sister in Christ who had been hurting for so long. The Lord set her free in a matter of minutes!

Glenis’ doctor came to see her a few days later and was astonished at what The Lord had done! Sister Glenis bent with her hands flat on the floor and the doctor said, “Oh, my God!” and she replied “That’s right. God healed me!”




1 Peter 2:24  (KJV)

24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

Yesterday was Saturday, July 14th 2018.


Isaiah 53:4-6 (KJV)

Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.


The LORD moved in Sister Glenis’ body and life yesterday!!!

What God did for Glenis He can do for you too!

Deliverance Ministry is for EVERYONE!

For more AMAZING TESTIMONIES of what God has done, CLICK HERE!


Smashing Satan’s Kingdom one Testimony at a time!

This is a Christian non denominational deliverance web site for the purpose of ministering in healing, deliverance, and setting the captives free, Isaiah 61.

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Much love in The Name of Yeshua!

Have a wonderful day and be HEALED in Yeshua’s Name!!! ♥ †

Prayer against Spirit Husband/Wife & Sleep Paralysis

Prayer against Spirit Husband/Wife & Sleep Paralysis


Father, Thank you for Jesus! Thank you for your unstoppable love for me! Thank you for this freedom. Glory to God!

We come out of agreement, break and remove all evil spiritual wedding rings, jewelry, crowns and garlands in Jesus name.

We come out of agreement, break and over turn all covenants of marriage with all spirits of evil and darkness. I ask you lord to overturn any other covenant I have made that is not in agreement with you.

We loose the fire of God on the evil wedding garments, wedding shoes, belt and veil.

I break the curse of terror, rape, sexual abuse, the crippler, slavery, the victim, and all torment (physical, sexual, and spiritual. I come out of agreement with it all… and break any ungodly soul ties. I bind and cast out the gate keeper. I shut and seal the gate with the blood of Jesus.

We cancel all assignments of sleep paralysis and come out of agreement with it. We loose angels to stand guard over me and my home/family while I sleep.

We break all triggers…fear, fear of man, fear of women, fear of hurt, fear of rejection, fear of resentment, fear of defilement, fear of loss of innocence, fear of being labeled, fear of being tarnished. We command them all to come out. All sabotage come out too in Jesus name.

I come out of agreement and break the curse of divorce in my blood line. I break the curse of adultery, defilement of the marriage and defilement of the marriage bed. I come against you and I break you off my blood line, on both, my mother and father side all the way back to Adam and Eve, I break it off me and my future generations, I lay this down at your feet Jesus and know that this is done.

We loose_____ (person’s name) … to be released from the prison of trauma… and the memories…we cover them with the blood of Jesus…. We command all regret to loose and go… all regret that produces condemnation, unworthy, defeat and failure, all regret that produces death, suicide, murder…. Fire in the belly!

We brake and smite all lay lines, sliver cords gateways, portals and communication lines, from the ex-husband/wife. Holy Spirit we ask for deep healing and cleansing in Jesus name.

Abandonment, rejection, unappreciated, unloved, we come out of agreement and we break that off in the name of Jesus

All seduction, perversion, weak will, lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, & wet dreams go in Jesus name.

We seal this deliverance with the blood of Jesus and holy spirit we ask you to  fill the voids in me and continue to push out everything that Jesus wants out. Thank you Jesus for making me whole! all glory to you God