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333am Woke Up To This Message From God – Completing The Puzzle Pieces!

Published on Jan 31, 2019

I just honestly do not know what to type here right now I feel like weeping yet I am so upset at these people!! God’s Will be done, Amen.

Isaiah 5:20 King James Version (KJV)

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Personal Journey

Eviction Notice!

From Brother Scotty Levesque

“America’s Gift to God!”

The United States has a gift for God and its not a song, praise, hymn, but rather its an Eviction notice . WE have declared as a nation in our laws and actions across the land we want God to get out. First we took God out of the Schools , then out of the work places , now millions in our land want Him out of everything. This nation was clearly founded upon God and His Principles.
There was a time when God and His Word was welcomed during that time we did not have school shootings or rape on school grounds taking place . God brings order and the belief in following Him and His Word brings Hope . Giving God a move out or Eviction Notice has put our nation in a downward spiral. I don’t care what anybody on Facebook thinks or anywhere across the world thinks but Homosexuality and being a Transgendered person directly defies God and His order of creation . When i was in High School it was very rare to see a lot of promotion of Homosexuality . i scratch my head and stand in awe at what has happened how now almost every T.V. show airing has to embrace this in a character. The World Heralds Bruce Jenner
but He’s a sad example of what happens when a man spirals to the point of turning himself into whats not even natural.
We all read about Rome and other wicked societies but we have surpassed them . Transgendered is not in the Bible because such wickedness was not even recorded mankind had not become that perverse yet. It is recorded in God’s Word that he made them Male and female and God saw that it was good. Somehow we have seemed to foolishly believe God messed up and we were made to be something different. Christians across the world to see the seriousness of this sin and not defend or embrace it in any way whatsoever.
Homosexuality stops the creation itself for 2 man or 2 women can not make a baby . Transgendered says we are the creator and we are meant to be different then what we are .
Jesus did die for all Sins and this stuff can be forgiven but to believe you can live in these conditions and be right with God is an outright lie from Hell. The nation is lulling its self to sleep as False Ministers marry Same sex Couples and preach out of the same Bible that condemns it. The prophetic time clock of Judgment is clicking wars are on the horizon.. Open Satanic worship has arrived as well and is growing that’s one of the last signs of Judgment before God wipes out a nation How can a Nation that is giving God an Eviction notice expect Him to defend it.
I’m even afraid to see whats next what other sins will we embrace how wicked will we become . Until we see whats really going on we won’t realize how serious this is first it’s bathrooms soon it will be everything. Some say your old fashioned step up to whats going on now . I say to them no thanks id rather be old fashioned and stick to The Origin of creation then to make a man whos a 1/2 man and woman a hero and as for me and my house We will serve the Lord!

2015, current events


You know when the State Fair is coming to town, and you see all of the rides compacted on trucks driving through town? The craft vendors begin to set up in the park and the brightly painted Food Stands pull into the streets…

It won’t be long until the smell of funnel cakes and Alcohol!

Spinning around on a Carousel, gonna throw up…

This is a totally random and maybe strange analogy, but that’s what it’s like right now with the coming Tribulation, last 7 years of the world. End times.

The key players are getting into prophetic position (the great public figures who fit their foretold roles in the Bible all too well). The crazy amount of military action going on WORLD-WIDE. Why so many drills…right now? Word’s getting around as Jade Helm 15 is becoming more and more heard of. Wars & Rumors of Wars? Nation against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. In the United States we now have Riots. People against the Police or authorities. Lawlessness.

There’s so much going on!

Check Luke 21:25-26

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

Earthquake uptick!!!

Check DAILY and Significant Earthquakes HERE

You can Google just how crazy the activity of our Sun really is these days/space activity. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Blood Moons.

No matter what, I encourage you to find the Truth for yourself. There is great deception in the Mainstream Media and in the world. Seek & find.

Most importantly, now is the time for us to examine our hearts. Today is the day of Salvation. Call upon Jesus today. Tomorrow is never promised.


And if you already know Jesus right now, I encourage you, dear brother or sister. It’s getting rough down here! As I’ve shared before…

Satan is really attacking a lot of us in this way, in our own home. In personal, significant relationships. Don’t forget you aren’t alone.  The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Almost Home ❤

Personal Journey

John Hagee’s “The Coming of The Four Blood Moons” The Sky is God’s Billboard.

John Hagee Ministries presents a 3 part message about the signs or signals sent to earth from God in the sky concerning the times of today’s world. This is a prophetic sermon, aligned with actual facts from world history and Biblical Scripture, dealing with the coming four blood moons. This act in space begins In April of this year and runs through September 2015. This is actual and factual according to our very own, NASA. Follow along with your Bible and verify the Biblical facts for yourself.

As I mentioned, Hagee backs everything with Scripture from The Bible. This man is brilliant, but he is only a messenger. The King has yet to Come…
No, Pastor Hagee is absolutely not predicting the day the world will end. He is simply pointing out a very rare occurrence in space that coincides with some very powerful, humongous issues in the Bible, and world history. In over 500 years, NASA recorded 3 of this expected occurence in the heavens: In the years, 1492, 1948, & 1967. All three years that this same lunar event occurred, something major took place in our world…I really enjoyed this message.

Watch-you will be amazed! 🙂