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Your Dry Bones Will Live! The Wilderness Leads To Your Blessing

Published on Mar 18, 2019

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Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale 10.18.18 ❤️

🎶Leaves are falling all around

It’s time I was on my way

Thanks to you I’m much obliged

For such a pleasant stay

But now it’s time for me to go

The autumn moon lights my way

For now I smell the rain

And with it pain

And it’s headed my way

Ah, sometimes I grow so tired

But I know I’ve got one thing I got to do

Ramble on🎶

This week I have been listening to Robert Plant’s Band of Joy. The golden rock god burrows deeper into gothic American roots music. Trading in T-Bone Burnett and Alison Krauss for Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin, thereby finding the only sound that matters. My favorite track is Angel Dance and a new rendition of Ramble On. This album has brought me much Joy this week. Who doesn’t want Joy in their life? Isaiah 55:12 says, “You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace.” The word “led forth” in Hebrew, is “yabal.” Yabal also means to “flow”, like a river flows. YeHoVaH/God’s Spirit is likened to water that flows. So, when you’re living in His Spirit and being led by Him, you’re going to flow. Is your life characterized by flowing or is it being driven, pressed, and compelled by all the things that are happening around you? Are you rushing and running but not being led? If you’re not being led, then you’re not going to flow. Anger, jealousy, fear, and depression have no flow. A life that’s driven, forced, and pushed has no flow because it’s not led. But if you’re led by YeHoVaH/God, you have the quality of flowing. Love, faith, mercy, kindness, Joy, and peace flow. That’s how you are to go through life, flowing in His Spirit. Don’t be driven, but instead be led and be Joyful. For when you are led by His Spirit, your life will flow like a river. Then you shall go out with Joy and be led forth with peace. Amen?


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Look to Love Yourself and You Will Find Yourself Happy!

Loving me for me…

Yes, it’s taken a long time to get here, and is still a work in progress, but life is such a precious gift 🙂


Image Via Recovery One Day at a Time

Personal Journey

Just Call Upon Him…

Just Call Upon Him...

I don’t know what’s going to happen today, but I know Who holds today in His hand. God will deliver us. For all who are struggling right now, or troubled in some way –Psalms 50:15 “And call upon Me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me.” God cannot answer prayers until they are prayed. Send one up. You just may see a miracle.

Personal Journey

Trust God.

Trust God.

I am still suffering from this bad sinus infection, but the Lord opened my eyes this morning, blessing me with another day of human life, and after taking that first breath I began to thank Him for a wonderful day, another chance…

This poster tells it like it is… Praise our Heavenly Father!

*Image source: John Hagee Ministries
Check out Pastor John Hagee, his son Pastor Matthew Hagee, and Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas at this website:

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Blind Pug rescued from Shelter becomes Epic Therapy Dog!

Blind Pug rescued from Shelter becomes Epic Therapy Dog!

AmaZING. wow. All of God’s little creatures and big, have their own purpose. Xander just makes the best therapy dog!!!

Saw this article in my Facebook Newsfeed and just had to share!!!
Check it out on the link provided, or maybe the photo leads to a link I think?

This is such a heartwarming story!