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Watchman Warning Alert: I See A Sword Coming! Get Right With God Now!

Published on Jan 3, 2019

John 1:28 These things were done in Bethabara beyond Jordan, where John was baptizing. 29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.
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Our God is not dead, He’s ALIVE: Praying for The persecuted Body of Christ

This post is for our family in The Body of Christ, across the waters in the east who are being physically persecuted, tortured, and murdered.

Know this:They can bend us, and maybe break the physical bodies we have, that are but flesh. But they cannot break our spirits, nor take away the Power that lives inside of us, and The Truth that we know.

Myself, and so many others are praying for the Christians, the Jewish people, and everyone suffering in all of this. I pray for the people of the Ukraine. I pray of those that persecute us. The members of these evil, killing groups that deceive the children, prey on the unstable, and kill in the name of their “god.” How is it honorable to destroy, to kill?

There is a reward for everyone coming when the Son returns, coming in the clouds to claim those that are His.

Some people may say that this is a little bold, or perhaps that I could be stepping on some toes. But that’s what following Jesus is! It is being Bold, being unafraid, and proclaiming with ever fiber inside of you that Christ is Lord! Standing up for God! Wavering not… If God be for us, who be against us?

Our God is not dead, He’s ALIVE.

Be encouraged, precious ones.


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My Thanksgiving Day 2014

Surrounded by those I love, with an awesome dinner. Life is about spending time with your family, or those you hold dear. They’re all you have when its said and done. Jesus said for us to Love one another. I’m so blessed for this crew! I thank God for the wonderful dinner, and our wellness etc.. but most that we are together, and able to share and experience love.

In all honesty…

Facing the closet brought about a strong episode of Body focused anxiety. I looked great, the khaki pants matched the beautiful quarter-sleeved, navy blouse…but I felt restricted in those pants (even though they were bigger than 3 weeks ago). So…I uttered a few nasty words, screamed while alone in our bedroom getting dressed. It never fails. I am not giving up. I am no slave to food or anything. I am a child of God, and NO weapon formed against me shall prosper. I am making a way for the treadmill this weekend as the snow is getting ready to set in!

So.. Here we are!

My hubby took this pic. I have a few more, but I like the way this one turned out. This year’s crowd here was very small, but the atmosphere was beyond great in measure of love!

Left to right: My Aunt B, her son and my 1st cuz Mark, my momma, and then me. In the front is our leader. My Happy Grandma! That woman is the sunshine in the family! She turns 90 next year! 🙂 I am very thankful that I shared this year’s dinner with her! It is great to be home!

I’m blessed abundantly in matters of basic, human needs like a good place to live/shelter, a means of transportation, physically, other than the weight drama, I am alright. I have the meds I need to live a stable life, and because of my faith, because of Jesus, I am not only living a stable life, but far more a fulfilling one. Praise God for the goodness he provides and all His Mercy.

I am most rich in love, and things invisible. People matter most to me. So do my dogs, which are living beings-not accessories! 🙂 I believe they have souls as well-their own something. I know love. I have always known love. I know freedom, and I have always been free.  I am doing pretty good right now in matters of the mind. I have insecurities, but I am thankful for my insurance that makes a way for me to get to therapy and see my doctors. Healthcare is a blessing. My very own health is a blessing.

My prayers are with all of my family in Christ in the east, the Jewish people, and everyone being persecuted. You are not forgotten. We pray for you continually, and send love with our prayers. I realize I am blessed in such great ways that I cannot even understand. I love all of you.

I am thankful for my fellow Bloggers! You guys are awesome! Enjoy your weekend!



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Cowards who fly Black flags don’t scare me

I saw this in my Facebook News Feed today via Stand for Israel.

God bless Israel and the poor people involved! This world can be a pretty sick place to be. However, we do know that there is still yet good in the world and people who love with all their hearts. Prayers for Canada and all that has went on there today. The world is turned upside down right now. So many are scratching their heads wondering what is really going on.

Love is the only thing that can truly conquer evil. God is love. So let us pray without ceasing. Let’s love our fellow human beings regardless of anything at all. Forgiveness. We need to really pray for our nation and the nations of the world. The leaders and men and women who selflessly serve in the military.

I fear God, and God alone. I’m not afraid of cowards with covered faces, their black flags and agendas of destruction. So I think now is a great time for all of us to take a moment and ask ourselves who we are, and where we are going. Like my daddy, a Vietnam Veteran, said (and we’ve all heard time after time) If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.

God bless you all tonight. No matter how bad things are right now, just know that God’s Grace is enough. There are so many praying for you right now, oh, dear family and friends of Ukraine, Israel, Iraq, Canada, Syria…and all nations in turmoil. My heart goes out to you. You are never alone!

God bless, and fear not.

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A Prayer for all the world Tonight

This is such a powerful, moving prayer for the world that we live in right now and all of us living in it. This prayer is originally from PrayerStop. I saw this on their Facebook page tonight and had to share it. It pretty much covers anything I can think of to say tonight regarding it all…

Let’s pray this prayer for the world tonight together.

Dear Heavenly Father, We come before You to lift up a prayer for the events in the Middle East as Isil threatens Baghdad. Please give US officials and leaders wisdom and discernment to know how to answer the plea from Iraq to bring US troops back to their country. Give Iraqi forces and leaders wisdom and discernment, and may people on all sides be brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ – please bring lost people to Jesus, Holy Spirit, through these trying times, and we pray for Your peace to pass upon our brothers and sisters and the unsaved who are caught in the crosshairs of this frightening time for all. Please give strength to the fragile, courage to the weak, and wisdom to the confused as needed to accomplish Your will for us, Lord. We know You work in our lives individually and in the world on a grander scale – You are mighty and powerful! As different forces struggle against one another and issues escalate, please give Your people boldness and love to pray hard, be bold, and spread the Gospel. We pray that lost souls would be saved and lives would be touched. Please protect and provide as only You can, Lord, and help us to trust in You in all circumstances. We love You, Lord, and trust You to work things out according to Your will. In Jesus’ name we ask these things, Amen.

Thank you for taking the time to pray with me. Please share this prayer if you will, in whatever manner…let love be known and heard.

God bless everyone tonight.

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A World Going Up In Smoke

I’m hangin’ on to you, Jesus, while this world goes up in smoke…
Pathetic politicians and power hungry men, and its all such a joke.


Stocks are falling apart but our bonds are stronger than ever,

And Silver, Gold, or green paper don’t make a person any better.


Turn on the TV- all you see is hatred, victims, and war.

Crazy people going round and round and don’t even know what for.


We all want answers and we want them right now.

With smartphones and tablets, the computers  tell us how…


To live… is to die as for every beginning has its end.

Come at me! …With your chemicals, swords, and bombs, I won’t bend!


Blessed born free and it is free that I shall die.

You can take away the body, but you can’t take the soul inside.


So I hold on tight to my answered prayer, The Son of God above.

In a world of chaos and madness, what saves us is simply love.


Let’s pray tonight for Israel, Iraq, Syria, everyone, and Ukraine.

Knowing in our hearts that on His throne our God still doth reign…




So you can take that and covert that…






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God, We’re Down Here!!!

The weight of a heavy heart can break a person down just as that of thick, iron chains made to bind someone to prison walls. Many people around the world are made prisoners to captors unseen. There’s a war going on inside of us, too. One put down, one insecurity, in a world where there is shown to be only one particular way to look to be beautiful, and one definition of success…


Father, We are crying out to you!

We are hurting so much down here with our families and friends in Israel, Iraq, Ukraine and other places, suffering beyond measure! They are running for their lives, just trying to survive, and facing torture and execution in the rawest forms. In this war-torn world full of evil, power hungry men, some hiding behind religion, there are also people fighting wars at home. Wars inside of them.


There are wars of the heart, and in the human mind. At home, someone is alone in their bedroom, isolating. In the bathroom, someone is loathing the person before their eyes, their reflection. People are destroying themselves in places where there is no war (at least not yet). It’s suicide. People become so overwhelmed and they hurt inside so strongly, believing  they cannot go on at all. So many human beings have chosen and continue to choose to leave this world of hurt, and the exhausting, draining self hatred felt.

There are a million reasons why someone would take their own life.

Sometimes the pain stems from horrific childhood experiences, abuse, bullying and name calling, feeling unworthy, and not like the others. Painful trauma during the developmental years of adolescence is really difficult to let go of because its such a  tender time period. We are trying to figure out who we are in high school, to fit in or be accepted, learning more about our sexuality, finding ourselves fitting into various circles of friends- larger circles, smaller, more intimate groups, or perhaps the loner life. The majority of us seem to experience our first taste of heartbreak (I know we break hearts, and our hearts get broken). We are rejected by that person that we adore, dream, or fantasize about. Then we further question ourselves. What is wrong with me?  This of course also applies to group situations like the participation in extracurricular activities, clubs, and events of ‘cliques’ that we don’t quite make the cut for. Yeah, high school sucks… Well, not for everyone though.

The stress that comes along after graduating with going to college, finding a job (college or no of course), making a living and such, is yet another significant and trying time in the lives of adults. However, not everyone lives out the societal image of success, nor does the same things. I know I didn’t. The whole college, job, career, fancy car, happy marriage, nice house, healthy kids, and the white, picket fence to top if off is a fantasy. I’m guessing most of these people who are living the dream are also living with student loans out the butt, car payments, struggles in the home like everyone else (sometimes marriage counseling), a  mortgage, and the major costs and cares of their offspring like insurance, college, and whatever else.

There are a billion other paths to take in the journey of life. Mine is nothing like the American Dream. That’s what it is nowadays. All of that stuff really is a dream now.

So yeah, life is a stressful thing. We all tolerate stress in our own way. I have a very short circuit myself. There are psychiatric disorders or mental illnesses that affect the lives of so many people worldwide. Many people suffer from depression, or like myself, Bipolar disorder (manic depression with extreme highs and then the darkest lows). All of these really mess with our minds, our lives, how we see things, and how we handle life. There are tons of  physical illnesses alive in this world. I know people who battle cancer, diabetes, and a few other things. Both illnesses of the mind and the body can make us want to just escape our bodies, our minds, ourselves.

This world is hurting so bad right now. In some parts of the world we worry about our children getting beheaded or blown away, while in others we worry about shootings in schools, cyber bullying, and all sorts of other stuff. The kids that are blessed to still be living where the privilege of the internet and all other technologies are available, are in danger in yet another way. Online predators are after our kids. Also, these days we don’t have to pay for nasty television channels to be added to our cable. We get these horribly, nasty reality shows like the one recently added on VH1 that I will not mention. This is America? The President really needs to take a look at what he’s letting the little children, aka future leaders, have access to with the TV remote. YouTube is getting just as raunchy. I’m not even going to go there. It can be informative and helpful, but like anything else it can be used for the wrong things.

Our children are hurting one way or another, and from the lowest to the greatest and most horrific extremity, its just never been this evil…

People hate themselves because they do not measure up to the likes of stars in the lime light. Reality TV stars, thriving singers, actors, and many different celebrities are all over the place. They are on the magazine stands while we wait in line. We look down at those chocolate cakes in our shopping carts and then think twice… It’s not just weight. They are on our children’s smartphones and in their Beats By Dre headphones…(I’m not judging, I have a pair). We compare ourselves to things that aren’t real, and not always on a conscious level.

To sum all of this up, in my opinion, people are killing people, one way or another. People can be destroyed just as easily with the media, society, and what they are told they need to be or aren’t, just as sure as with an assault rifle or blade. They tell us what lives must consist of to be successful. As we know, in the suffering countries where war is everywhere, people are killing people in horrific manners, there is so much pain, and injustice. Its growing and growing. Its getting to be too much.

There is a battle for the spirit. Warriors in the Body of Christ its time we stand up for our fellow man. Let us come together and pray for those in these terrorist situations that are out of our hands. I get so frustrated and angry with the earth that we live on. This world is not fit for children like it used to be. I am not a pessimist, I am just speaking with my eyes wide open. I’m crying out to God. We are down here! I know He hasn’t given up on us. There is a reward for the faithful.

There is also a judgement of God awaiting those who kill. Those who are the opposite of love…

I am in no position to go any further.

God bless.


Note: If you are suffering and feel it far too much to go on, considering suicide, or anything, please go


The website you will find here is for everyone around the world. So no matter where you are you will be able to find help when in crisis and get information. Your life is far more precious than you know. You have something this world needs or you would not have been sent here. You are breathing, your mission is incomplete. God bless you, dear one.