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3 Days of Terror Loading – Prophetic Alert for 3/19 – 3/31(Apocalyptic & Ritualistic)

Published on Mar 13, 2019

***A WAKE UP CALL*** Following the Ethiopian Airlines crash, the Lord reminded Princess Bola of the prophetic word he gave her during her 28 Day Fast about; ‘3 Days of Terror’ (link below) and asked her to mobilize the end-time warriors and prophetic voices to take their place on the Wall. If God has called you as an intercessor, it is to #wakeup and WAR (Warriors Activating Revival/Reformation/Repentance) for the prophetic destinies of nations and souls of humanity in prayer and intercession.
WEEKLY on: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Wednesday, 3/13/19 at 10pm EST DAILY from 3/19 – 3/31 (LAST 12 days of March) at 10pm EST. *Registration via Eventbrite is REQUIRED (link below)* ***REFERENCED LINKS***
Cash App: $RoyalProclamations
Email: info@royalproclamations.com
Write: P.O. Box 260562, Hartford, CT 06126
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Intercessory Prayers Tonight

Intercessory prayers. Praise reports are  really coming in all of the time everyone! Jesus is surely on the move! Keep praying! Love you all so much! 🙂
Bearing the burdens of each other in Jesus 🙂

Please lift up Sister Natasha tonight and her children. Restoration in the family and breakthrough. Guidance of The Lord. Thank you.

Genesys Avalos
“Please pray for me for god to heal me and deliver me from horrible debilitating. body pains, vertigo, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, horrible fears, thank you”

Lois O’Neal
“Met a 33 yrs old man today walking a bicycle along the hwy with all his worldly possessions tied to it. He is homeless. He came from Fla and is headed to VA looking for work. All he asked for was a meal. It’s been storming here most of the day and supposed to all night. I’ve fed him and he’s crashing on my sofa tonight. He’s determined to start out again in the morning. He is one of God’s own and I would ask that any all who feel led to pray for him to please do so. He is an orphan so no family to help. I pray God takes him where He wants him to go and that He provides for his needs along the way. In the name of Jesus!”

Ellen Bartel
December 27 at 10:15 PM
“Good evening Praying Medic Members.
Will you please pray for my cousin Seth. 40 something years young, had a stroke about 5 days ago.
He has been intubated and when drs. Tried to wake him for a bit, drs. Said his left side is stroked. 3 times they tried waking him and found it was hard for him to breathe so they put him back to sleep.
My prayers is for Seth to be fully restored.
Our Father to restore his life back to him 100%, and our Lord to bring him to salvation. Redeem Seth Lord. I pray for Gods will for Seths Life. Let him be a witness and testify of the Lord Jesus goodness and Mercy and Love. Amen.
Thank you all.
Oh, and today is Seths birthday.”

Amy Munson
“Prayer request: please pray for healing for my body. Vertigo, dizziness, weakness, digestive issues (too much weight loss). I believe that God is the healer. I’m just asking for prayers of agreement for complete restoration and healing. God is good!
Thank you all 🙏🏼

Angela Grogan Siffles
Yesterday at 7:59 PM
“Please pray for me and my family.”

Melissa Person-Ashforth
13 hrs
“Mom had excruciating pain and was emergency taken to St Clares hospital in Denville NJ at 1 am last Sunday. She had surgery Christmas Eve to remove her gallbladder. She had extremely high blood pressure and blood sugar. Then her kidneys began to fail. Then she ran a high fever and began to wheeze, cough, had trouble breathing and was lethargic. The doctor is treating her for pulmonary embolism aka blood clot. She will be in hospital for a few days. She is getting blood thinner shots and IV antibiotics. Please pray for Miriam Person.

Ken Kathye McGinnis
22 hrs
“Sending out a prayer request for our friend (Daniel’s) 19 year old nephew (Joe). He just received a tough diagnosis of aggressive cancer. Thank you prayer warriors!
In Jesus name Cancer and all illness leave Joe’s body, in His holy name I pray.”

Kelly Stadley Palmisano
Yesterday at 11:36 AM
“Please pray for my cousin Gary who’s in the hospital with a very serious condition. Thank you”

Jacques Lombard
15 hrs
“Hi family . I thank God for this group . I would like to make a prayer requests for my cousin and their family . Come into agreement with me that my cousin will be delivered from his drug addiction . That God will restore their family and his parents marriage and that they will know the love and fear of God as a family unit in unity. In Jesus name Amen. Thank you”

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MORE PRAISE REPORTS and Intercessory Prayers.

JESUS has done it again! Praise God! Another Supernatural Healing at The Hand of God! A 9 year old little girl is NOW CANCER FREE! Thank you for praying!

“We are waiting for my 9 year old daughter’s , Ella, post chemo scan results. Will you please pray for good results that show no cancer in her body? Thank you!!!”

PRAISE REPORT below! Ahh! Thank You Jesus! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


“God has answered all of our prayers!!!!!! Over the past year He has not once failed us and we owe ALL the glory to Him!!!!!!! We can’t thank all of you enough for helping to send those prayers and for being here for us during the most terrifying time of our lives. We love every single one of you.

Doc called and said the radiologist compared the MRI and PET and agree the spot seen on both scans is due to post-operative healing of her bone and that they will rescan her in 4-6 wkz but she is CANCER FREE!!!!!!!”



Thank You, JESUS!

Praise God! Look what Jesus did for Sister Kim!
Thank you all for praying! Your prayers are really being heard and lives are radically being impacted at The Hand of God! Keep praying! ****

*** Here is original post: “Please pray for Tom, my father, salvation and healing in his physical heart. Agree with me in Jesus name blockage to go and a new spiritual heart. Scheduled for Friday morning. I just prayed with him on the phone …i think for the first time WITH him. Merry Christmas family in Christ.”


“***UPDATE*** Praise God with me. All went well for my dad. no blockage, therefore, no stent needed. I prayed last night and early this morning. I felt like fluttering in my own heart. But was not worried. I prayed regarding the Heart of God .*** thanks family in Christ for praying.”


Intercessory prayers. Look at all the praise reports that are coming in all of the time everyone! Jesus is surely on the move! Keep praying! Love you all so much!

Bearing the burdens of each other in Jesus

Michelle Linn Fallon
“My husband was involved in an accident last week and is okay but our car was totaled. The driver that backed into him lied at the scene and told the police officer my husband hit him. With no witnesses and no traffic cameras it has become he said / he said. We just learned that the hotel next to the scene had operational cameras. Please pray for us that the truth can come to light and justice served here. This will be a devastating financial loss since the car is not worth much and we still owe on the vehicle. Your prayers are powerful and appreciated.”

Lydia Chen
“Please pray for my daughter she just got bitten by our cat and she just learned she got kick out from UC Berkeley lab because she has fainted in the lab, how unjust the school system. Pray God will open a door for her to get the lab again in Jesus name.”

Kris Bradford
“Praying for a financial miracle, I’ve been waiting for Justice and Restitution from a claim against California and the CDCR. I’m on disability now and pray day and night! My soul has been restored, forgave everyone, mind is renewed, my eyes are open, I desperately need the finances to manifest supernaturally, miraculously and suddenly, calling ALL Angels!! 🙏

Sabine Stanley
“I am requesting prayers for a friend who needs to have her adult son, his girlfriend and two children, be able to move back into their home that suffered from fire damage. Thank you.”

Jefferson Dela Cruz
“Please pray for me that i can breathe well and that there will be no unwanted like situation please pray for my protection that nothing bad will happen to me please pray for protection and good health for me and my family and protection against oppression please pray that i will put my trust in God and not rely on my own understanding please thanks God bless.”

Tonya L Hydrick-Ryan
“My Daddy’s cancer has returned after being in remission for the last 5 years. He had a seizure yesterday morning and when they arrived at the hospital and performed several tests that is when they discovered a mass on my Daddy’s brain. It will be removed Saturday with the hope that it will not spread. Even worse is that my daddy could possibly pass during the surgery due to age and the seriousness of the surgery itself. My daddy is 75 years old. Please, please, please keep my daddy and my family especially my mother in your prayers during this time. We need all the prayer chains we can get! Thank you and God bless you and yours.
MATTHEW:18-19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”

K.Y. Priscilla
“Sons and daughters of God please help me with prayers my situation is urgent I v been praying for the situation to change but nothing is happening I cry daily in my relationship I believe God can make a solution through your prayers”

Rosemarie GB
“please pray for my sister Tammie who has stage four cancer going into the last stage please pray a miracle healing will occur now for her ….like right now, she so need her strength back. thank you all.”

Harry L Lusby
“Prayer Warriors, Pastor Tim Rains is still in a coma let us agree together that God will deliver him to start 2019.”

Eugenia Neecee
“Please pray for my grandson’s mother and my son. Please pray that the situation they are in does not bring trouble to others. Please pray that it is resolved as soon as possible. Asking prayers from everyone”

Dawn Burke
“I can’t believe ontop of my mother being hospitalized and dying and my little girl being so sick that something else is happening. The father of my two girls needs immediate prayers. He’s given up and this will devastate my kids.Please without me explaining ask the lord to intercede. Things are difficult enough. I’m truly horrified. Please pray for him and us as well. Thank u kindly”

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Look What JESUS DID! Praise GOD!


#1 Prayer request followed by #2 Praise REPORT!

1.From Michelle
(December 24)
“His name is Benny … This time it’s one of mine… Benny has a blood disease…he has been transferred to Cooks Childrens hospital…for a Blood Transfusion…this will be his 4th or 5th…they came to see me for Christmas…and this is his reward… His name is Benny he’s 9…and very scared…I’m looking for a miracle…so i came to where i know people pray!!!
Jesus in your name and by your stripes we are healed…I’m reaching for the hem of your Garment…and believing…in miracles…thank y’all!!!”


December 25 at 2:45 PM

Guess what? NO BLOOD TRANSFUSION for my BENNY!!!! He was released…telling us to watch him… We had an AMAZING CHRISTMAS…I CAN’T QUIT CRYING!!! I’M SO HUMBLED AND GRATEFUL…thank y’all for your prayers!!!

Keep pressing in!

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Daily Intercession for Healing and New Beginnings in JESUS NAME :)

Praise God for His Love for us and for fresh starts! Please pray for a man named Mason who was wearing neon working-man attire but walking with a cane to receive Divine Healing from God and to get back to work and change the world for Jesus in the greatest of ways!

Also, please pray for a woman named Pat and her son who was disabled from the first day of his last job. His name is James. God wants more for them! They have been without proper heating and cooling for around three years now and she longs to see her son do greater things and overcome all of this! Pat has two other sons as well to pray for-Adam and Teddy. May God have His Perfect Way in their lives!

Prayers for Connie as well please and her 8 month old baby boy. Please pray for Pastor Billy to be healed of Cancer and change the lives of his whole church! God is moving in their lives greatly right now!

Healing prayers going up today for a lovely Sister in The LORD named Derenda (working 2 part time jobs) who has been dealing with Lupus and a broken arm, but GOD has delivered her from Cancer already Amen! Praise His Holy Name!
Prayers for her son Ben as well to be healed too. God knows the needs and situations.

Pray for Lynda and her loved ones to have good health and encounter God in a greater way-to truly find His Provision and true plans for their lives.

Deliverance and healing prayers for Denise and her family.

May all of these precious souls move forward greatly in The LORD, step into Divine healing, their TRUE CALLINGS IN THE LORD, and LEND and NOT BORROW anymore for HIS GLORY and the furtherance of GOD’s Kingdom! Amen!

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Prayer of Agreement with Brother Farhad of Pakistan.

Good evening, Beloved Brothers and Sisters in The Lord!

Thanks for all of your prayers for our dear Brother Farhad and the Persecuted Church in the east. Please continue covering Farhad and his family in prayer with our Brethren in the east. God bless you all in over abundance in The Name of Yeshua! Thanks so much!

Glory to God Alone Forever!

This is the latest I’ve received from Brother Farhad of Pakistan.

In Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth,  Elohim Yahweh,  the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and God of Israel, The God, Who I am God. I am thankful to you that you always hear crying heart prayers who believe in You. You are God of ages, There is nothing hidden from your Holiest watching over this world, You know suffering, persecution, hardships of faithful Pakistani Christian and grieved humanity in their native countries due to their faith and now in these countries (Malaysia, Thailand & Sri – Lanka) other countries, during seeking Asylum & Refugee status through UNHCR.    

Heavenly Father God, there is no doubt, UNHCR is helping – hand for humanity, but UNHCR is also helpless in those countries that are not signatory on the UN charter for providing Medical’ assistance and proper protection to Asylum seeker & Refugees.  So many helpless Asylum seekers & Refugees have no proper medical’ assistance to be healed and to be blessed, Heal them In Jesus Holy Name. They had lost their confidence in UNHCR’ medical Centres as they referred medical tests but Pakistani asylum seekers’ patient have no money to examined. Now they want to go back to their native countries for medical treatment, they can not afford expensive treatment, because UNHCR cannot afford for tests of patients.

Merciful God, there are so many asylum seekers & Refugees that had become patients of psychological, physiological patients, heart attacks, tumor, Nero problem & cancer, pregnancy cases of ladies and different kinds of sickness due to long suffering, stress,  tensions, uncertainty of job and living in Malaysia. Even there is recent death of Pakistani Asylum seekers in Malaysia in this month due to sickness of cancer.  

Merciful God, Many of families of Asylum seekers cannot get benefits from UNHCR by just having Appointment Cards until they have no proper Refugees status or picture letter of UNHCR. Majority of Pakistani Christian have only Appointment Card of UNHCR for last five years or more than.  Only Community leaders can have Medical Insurances assistance that has access to UNHCR office. Pakistani Christians have no provision to get guidance for suffering families, patients, victims even having communities’ leaders.

Merciful God, on other hands, Asylum seeker & Refugees have no opportunity to do job for their survival on the UNHCR’ Appointment Card & Refugee status without work – permit. Majority of Asylum seekers are being blackmailed by local authorities, even they had been treated as like criminals being Pakistani. Most of them are not being paid salaries or kept on lower – cheapest salaries. If they got job privately for survival, there is so much persecution and brutality.

Merciful God, Under heavy pressure, persecution & fear of arrest, Asylum seekers had become victim of different kinds of sickness, there is majority of selfish people, and they got advantage of helpless Asylum Seekers and Refugees even they are being threatened to be killed in the wilderness before the Promise Land.  

Merciful God, there is networking of dead conscious & selfish people from higher level to lower leaders to get benefits from helpless persecuted Asylum seekers & refugees, there is no morality, Godly love, brotherly kindness for fellow believers, Humanity’ Asylum Seekers & Refugees even in the so many churches. If they give something to helpless, they realized so many times until victim become dead conscious against Biblical teaching.  

Merciful God, you sent Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua into this world  ( John 3: 16) for suffering, persecuted, hurting humanity to be redeemed, blessed and healed, reconcile human to God, as good shepherd for lost sheep, You are forgiving God, we thank you Lord Jesus Christ for teaching us, you have given us this spirit of forgiveness, patience, love, kindness and brotherly love to shine darkness,  forgive and forget, live as new creature, we thank you Jesus for shedding your blood on the cross for humanity.

Merciful God, You are way, life, truth. With your saying, Lord Jesus Christ, waters always be calm down, you always come in storm to save your people. I ask restoration for grieved, sick humanity to be healed in Jesus Holy Name. I ask your powerful healing  for changing hard heart and mind’ feeling of selfishness to be changed into blessing, In Jesus Holy Name, I ask for forgiveness for patients and myself, You always forgive  who ask forgiveness and repent. I ask provision to do more search work for persecuted Asylum seekers & refugees, I ask your provision for visa and ticket to keep up your good work and escape from adversities in mighty name of Jesus Christ – Yeshua. Amen.    

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Prayer Covering for this weekend: Take On The World Conference 2018! ♥ † ♥

Praise The Lord! Asking for a prayer covering for this Blessed Event in The Name of Yeshua! Take on The World 2018 is taking place this weekend in Ohio! August 24-26th. Please pray in agreement with me for God Almighty’s Hands of Protection, Favor, and Provision for all who are attending or presenting or involved! May God bless the entire conference in every way and be Glorified and Magnified in what He accomplishes through it! In The Name of Yeshua, please give thanks and pray for the weather to be sunny and fair as well, praise God! He is Faithful! God bless everyone!


4 Days Out!!!! Here’s a quick checklist! Don’t forget these items 🙂

Last minute tickets: www.takeontheworld18.com

See everyone soon!

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Back to School Spiritual Warfare Prayers!


Good morning everyone!

All Around The United States today and this fall, kids and people of all ages are returning to school.

Growing up, I recall all of the back to school advertisements on television. I recall the smell of fresh pencil shavings from the sharpener, the smell of fresh new crayons and brand new markers. I was so excited. Of course, I cannot leave out how thrilled I was to go shopping for new clothes for the school year. Looking back, The LORD God of Israel has blessed me and my life just infinitely in complete over abundance. I could go on, and I will later. I just want to ask for prayers today for all who are going back to school.

Please pray against (and bind up in The Name of Yeshua) all school violence, murder, suicide, bullying, cyber-bullying, inadequacies, doubt, anxiety, depression, mental illness, all sexual perversion, gossip and slander.

Praise, Honor, and Glory to The Most High God!

In Yeshua’s Name, we loose life, healing, deliverance, the fruit of The Spirit, love in abundance, comfort, peace beyond all understanding, and hope into all of these learning institutions and every precious soul involved.

Led by The Holy Spirit of God, today  we loose complete confusion into the kingdom of darkness arrayed against babies, children, students of all ages, teachers, Principles, and schools in any, way, shape or form in The Name of Yeshua! Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus/Yeshua is LORD! It is in HIS Holy Name that we command the enemy’s camp to stand down now! In The Name of Yeshua, we loose the hornets of The Lord into the kingdom of darkness declaring that ALL spiritual networks formed against all of these things are now blind, deaf, dumb, and completely inoperative! FREEDOM! Hallelujah!

Philippians 2:10-11 King James Version (KJV)

10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

In The Holy Name of The Son of God, we come together to break and cancel all enemy plots and assignments against all school children/teens/adults in the world at any daycare, pre-school, Sunday-school, elementary schools, Junior High and High schools, and universities.


Glory to The Lamb of God!!!

Be blessed today in The Lord, everyone! 🙂


*Image via playbuzz.com


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National Minority Day Prayer From Brother Farhad of Pakistan.



Please pray that The Lord blesses Brother Henry Bhatti Farhad, The World Bishops Council and all of the persecuted Church around the world.

In Christ, Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, The Most High God of Majesty, the creator of Heaven and earth, the Elohim, Yahweh Yirah,   El Shaddi, the God of Abraham , Isaac, Jacob, God of Israel. We humbly come before your throne of Grace and mercy in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Yeshua for the peace of Pakistan and the solution for persecuted Pakistani Christian in other countries who are seeking Asylum & refugee through UNHCR.

Merciful God of Host, They may live in other countries but their hearts are still praying for the peace of Pakistan’ minorities. They always are crying in prayer to you God for the betterment in Pakistan for all human being. There are thousands of thousands established Pakistani Christians who are settled in Europe, USA & UK all over world but they are still crying for the humanity and minorities’ peace in Pakistan. May peace prevail in Pakistan, we ask blessing for peace as ambassador of Peace.

Merciful Lord of Host, Jesus, you are prince of peace; you are wonderful mediator between human and God to redeem grieved humanity.  We pray for the peace of minorities in Pakistan, Especially Christian minority that had been brutally persecuted in Pakistan for last 70 years even churches, Christian colonies were being burnt and alive burning had been happened in Pakistan. Now thousands of thousand Christian are seeking Asylum & Refugee in different countries of world through UNHCR due to discrimination and persecution in helplessness and hopelessness.

Merciful Lord of Lords, King of Kings, some political and religious authorities had  manipulated the rights of minorities to higher Authorities of UNHCR to consider Pakistani Christian Asylum cases as fake and due to selection system not election. Even so many political & religious leaders already took political Asylum in other counties due to persecution & discrimination during ruling time or after ruling over nations. Merciful Lord of Host, but due to manipulation, there are so many genuine persecuted Christian’ cases had been refused. Due to long process of UNHCR, there are so many genuine Christian’ hope had lost their confidence in UNHCR after so many year’ delay in results during processing of interviews and repeated questions, there is no security of children proper educations, they can not afford expensive education of international school due to no jobs and lack of resources. They did not find future of children and families in seeking asylum due to helplessness and brutal system.

Merciful Lord of Host, majority of victims of Johnabad, Lahore’ Pakistani Christians are still in the prison, they are still not justified by the courts of Pakistan after so many years.  So many lower classes Christians and painful heart Christian are still in fear of arresting, facing persecution & discrimination. Even higher classes are enjoying their rights, May God bless all classes of Christian in Pakistan to be blessed and peaceful. Because higher classes can go any where and any time but lower classes may have no ticket and visas to move any where. Father God, we ask your justice for all classes – lower and higher.

As all minorities celebrate 11th August for minority day and 14th August as Independence Day with depth of their hearts and minds, they believe in same languages, culture, they feel confidence in their homeland – Pakistan. But they can not return to Pakistan in fear and with less confidence in Government and system of Pakistan where false cases had been formed over helpless Pakistani Christian.

Father God, So many Christian had been tired due to hardship of different cultures, languages and lack of funds, lack of jobs, and uncertainty about cases through UNHCR. We ask your justice for daily basic needs of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers who are in those countries who had been signed UN charter as signatory to protect Asylum seekers like Thailand and  Malaysia, Pakistani Christian are suffering so much above imagination.

Merciful Father God In Heaven, we ask to open doors of different countries for Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers, we need your justices, we ask different churches of different denomination by different countries to support and sponsor some Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers, May all Pakistani Christian asylum seekers feel confidence, We ask justice of UNHCR for Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers to open doors and listen them well to settle in different countries. So many Christian had lost their confidence in UNHCR, so many had been deported, refused and detained in IDCs.

Merciful Lord of Host, we ask your justice and mercy for helpless and hopeless people who are suffering in different countries. We ask in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Father God in Heavens, having faith in Christ, we all are spiritually citizens of your divine kingdom of heavens as written in your Holy words. We ask restoration for rights of persecuted Christian in Pakistan and in different parts of world.

We ask your mercy, grace and justice in mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.  

—From Brother and Bishop Henry Bhatti Farhad of Pakistan.

Personal Journey

Daily Intercession 8-6-18

Heavenly Father,

In The Name of Yeshua, we break and cancel ALL enemy assignments arrayed against our lives as Believers, our families/family members and relationships/our health/our finances/our ministries/Your Plans for our lives.

We give thanks this day that you will now cut off the enemy supply lines, forbidding ANY and all communication in the spiritual networks arrayed against us. We pray that the demons will not be allowed to see, hear, or speak in Yeshua’s Name. Please shut down all monitoring against us all in the spirit and in the natural.

Lord, please EXPOSE the workers of darkness that may have infiltrated the lives of your Church around the world that no one be deceived. We ask that You expose the WORKS of darkness before they can even manifest around the world! Please open doors that no man can shut for everyone in the world that none should perish, but come to saving faith in Yeshua alone.

Let no backlash or retaliation from the kingdom of darkness come against anyone in any way who prays this prayer.

Thank You, LORD!

It is in Yeshua’s Name we pray, Amen! ♥ † ♥