Amazing Grace: The Story Behind The Song

How beautiful…

God takes our pain, our burdens and uses them…He uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. I love this video and the story of John Newton’s life.

Also, there’s one more thing I’d like to share…

God bless, dear ones. 🙂

*I claim no rights to the video or image via Google.

So cute! The wonder, love, and excitement of a Child.

Check this video out.

This darling little boy over time became fascinated by the UPS trucks and the drivers. He developed a friendship with a particular driver. This is such a great clip 🙂

“This Baby Bird May Have Had a Rough Start, But Just Look at Him Now!”


“Little Benny’s life wasn’t off to a great start. Born with splayed legs, the only reason this little lovebird is alive today is because of the love and dedication of his owners. See how far he’s come along!”

This video gave me the warm and fuzzies! Its a must watch!