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Valentine’s Day Now & Then.

Image Remember these? I loved them as a kid! I remember sharing these with my friends as a child. I know they’re still around and thriving this year again, but I haven’t had any of this kind of candy in years! Its a cute idea though, eh? Using candies to send special messages to special people. Pretty cool! I think I’m going to get my hubby some this year, so I can send him a few messages. LOL.

Love is in the air, dear friends! Can you smell it yet? Or is her perfume too strong? Symbols and icons of love are everywhere right now! There are hearts, baby cupids with little butts, roses, his & hers stuff galore; it is completely unavoidable if you venture out into society! Going into the local Wal-Mart where I do most of my household grocery and “stuff” shopping, there is an entire aisle dedicated to Valentine’s Day in the midst of the grocery side of the store. There are boxes of chocolates in different themes, colors, shapes and sizes, cookies, cakes, candy flowers, candy this and that, gift baskets for that special person in your life, everything!

Directly across the border and on into the household items section is an aisle completely set up with various Valentine gifts for your lover, friend or special someone! There are millions of cards, normal Valentine’s cards, and ones for kids, that we always exchanged at school. There are GIANT teddy bears (and other stuffed animals), silky boxers, satin sheets, fake flowers, as well as real ones, “love coupons” (my favorite! lol), and anything else that’s not beyond PG-13 for the store. You will find it all there! Hmm… I wonder how many babies are born in November???

I found an interesting article of facts and stats concerning Valentine’s Day overall.

You can check it out at:

vday2For every girl with a broken heart, there’s a boy with a glue gun.” (source on image). WOW! I wish I knew that back then! Valentine’s Day in high school was horrendous to my broken-self. It was such a popularity contest. I don’t know if the way it was at my school is the way it was everywhere else or what, but this holiday was a playing field, and you were only cool if you got something sent to the central school office for you to pick up at the end of the day before school was over. Why couldn’t the giver of your gift just give you the present after school since you didn’t get it until so late anyway??? Well, friends, the point was for everyone in the entire building to hear YOUR NAME called via intercom as the school secretary read the long list of girls and boys that had gotten something special for Valentine’s left at the office for pickup after dismissal! Rude and crude, right?

My name was on that list once or twice. Those 2 times were when my big sister who was in college at the time, and then my mother sent me an anonymous gift. They told me they’d send me something to make me feel better. It didn’t do the trick. I never got anything from a guy on V-Day in high school. That’s probably because I never had a boyfriend around that time. My longest relationship with a young man in my teen years lasted for a near 2 months. I thought it was going to be forever because of all the dumb ass stories we tell our children in Disney movies and all that crap. Sorry for launching the a-word, but in this case, its just necessary! If you read the entire blog on my eating disorder you already know that it did not work out. That is most definitely NOT who I married! LOL! After him, I just had a few flings or dates or whatever. Never serious again until college.

What’s my point?

Love isn’t what its like in the movies, Disney movies, or any of that. Love is real. Love is different for everybody. We are all traveling our own unique journeys that lead us over the river and through the woods, down winding paths so we finally wind up where we are supposed to at the right place and the right time, ultimately meeting up with Mr. or Mrs. Right! I would not be where I am now, married to the man that accentuates the better parts of me, had I not made some expensive mistakes, gotten burned, and been transformed by it all.

If I just met Jerry, having had him walk right into my life, hopped on his white horse, we wed and moved into a castle in the distance, that just would have been too easy. We both had things to do in our life. God had individual plans for us, which later, ultimately led us to our united path, we share together today. The way I see it, we needed to grow in our personal journeys, becoming who we needed to be in order to live out this marriage we sought. We are molded like clay, by God the potter, all through our lives. The finished product makes the best spouse or life mate. I honestly believe that Jerry and I click better now because of all the growing we both did before even meeting! Too bad there was no Jerry in high school, right? Well…it wasn’t meant to be then as it wasn’t the right time.  However, he was very well worth the wait. I love him dearly!

vday3Turns out love isn’t what I always thought it would be like. Its far better! This man I share my life with couldn’t have rode in on his silver Mustang fast enough, but at the right time! Though we don’t live in a castle in the distance, our little home is full of love. The kind that withstands the darkness, by embracing the light. With God all things stand strong.

So, now my eyes are opened to the real world. Its been 11 years since I graduated high school. My life has done a few 360’s during this time! I have lived, and I have learned. I am totally aware that I have a whole lot more to learn, as we are forever learning in being human. I am ever grateful to now be able to learn new things with my husband Jerry by my side.

In conclusion, if you are rollin’ solo this Valentine’s Day, don’t fret, my dear friend! We’ve all been there. I know it sucks, and it hurts like hell (maybe for some)…but one day, it will all be worth it. So, for now, you just need to keep on rockin’ and being who you are, stand your ground, love yourself, and never settle for less, because you are really and truly, one of a kind. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are anything less than beautiful!

Cards are sweet and chocolate is dandy, but its more than that. Real love is celebrated every day with a warm embrace, the gentle touch, the three special words said in all sincerity, kisses that forever ignite the fire, that spark…reminding you of where it all began…

So…Happy Month of Love, well,  Life of love, to be correct!

God bless!


*Candies image, courtesy Google images.

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This Is Bullying in America. Today.

This Is Bullying in America. Today.

The above link will direct you to an article via Viral Nova about a young teen, a girl named Shea, with special needs who is being bullied and harassed terribly. In the midst of this article, there is a link to a Facebook page made in honor of Shea’s attempt to end bullying, and if you have a Facebook account, it can be found here:

I hit like. Will you?

Lets show Shea our support and turn her 86k likes into 1 million! 🙂 That’s her goal.

God bless!