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Prayer Covering for Hear The Watchmen 2018

Please lift up the panel tonight at The Hear The Watchmen Conference in Long Island, New York! We speak LIFE into all of these amazing men of God in Yeshua’s Name!

In Yeshua’s Name we break and cancel all enemy assignments, plans, plots, and schemes against this move of God in New York tonight! We bind up all forces of darkness, all spirits against the mind and body, shutting down ALL witchcraft, rendering it NULL and VOID before It could even manifest!

*Praise Break! HALLELUJAH!*

Lord God Almighty,

We praise YOU that tonight you will LOOSE your Divine Favor into this conference to change the world for Yeshua. Thank You, Oh God, for blessing this event with Your Very Hand! We praise You!

In Yeshua’s Name, Amen!

*Images taken directly from their awesome website!