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Pedophile Cover Up In London

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This video is about hampstead seven12


“It would be bad enough if there was just one instance of such stories coming to light. But this is not an isolated event. The world over, stories such as those told by the whistleblower children are echoed.

We know that the information presented on this site is little more than a scratch on the surface of what is out there, but we’ve tried to present it in a manner that can be handled by people that may never have heard of such things before. The material here is still, in many cases, more than people can handle.

Before you write off what is presented though, as mere delusions, consider carefully what is being presented. What do children have to gain by telling such stories? What does a mother that already has custody of her two children stand to lose by allowing such a story to come to light?”

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EVIDENCE. Read this. Share it! Pray! Do Something TODAY!

Medical reports of The Hampstead children!

If you aren’t aware of what’s going on with the sharing around of the hashtag #HAMPSTEADJUSTICE and what the meaning is behind these posters that are popping up on social media…

Here’s what it’s about!

The Legendary Campaign is an international grassroots effort to raise awareness about the reality of ritual abuse. **Get involved today** Please share this, it’s the least you can do. This is happening all over the world and maybe in your quite little town. In 2014, a leaked video depicted two young children, explaining in detail the horrific abuse that they had been exposed to at Hampstead Christ Church Primary School in London England. Scenes of satanic rituals, sexual abuse, infant murder and cannibalism were described in vivid detail by the children, causing the video to become viral.

Among the alleged perpetrators was the children’s biological father, Ricky Dearman, as well as a number of staff members and parents of children at the school. Despite the severity of the case, an adequate investigation into the children’s claims was never carried out.

The media and local police seemed to work together to carry out a cover-up and turn the tables on the children’s Mother(Ella Draper) who reported the crimes. After accusing Draper of helping the children fabricate the story she fled the country to avoid arrest and prosecution. Ella has since taken a professional polygraph test and found to been telling the truth.

There has been an information blackout in the UK. Anyone who tries to expose the truth of this case is threatened with fines and jail time.

Since out activist friends across the pond have been stifled, the Legendary Campaign is taking advantage of our Constitutionally protected free speech to make as much noise about this injustice as we can.

We invite you to join this grassroots effort to shine a light into the darkness of ritual abuse and the injustice of the Hampstead cover-up. http://www.detestablefilm.com/legendary.html #HAMPSTEADJUSTICE






Check out these videos and share. The TRUTH is setting people free.



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God bless…. 🙂

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