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Looking For A Fresh Start?

God blessed me to come across this Sister’s YouTube channel as I was looking for videos on dealing with thing related to inner healing. This video is remarkable! Please check it out because it will change your life! Be ready to take some notes! Over 27 minutes that will change your life forever! The information contained within this short video has the power at The Hands of God to transform everything for you!

I am personally starting over in life with EVERYTHING.

This video is a very helpful tool for all who are looking for purpose or meaning in their life as to why you are here and what God has planned for you.

The principles in this video blow me away! This will really challenge your perspectives.

This video is really a blessing from The Lord. The devil does NOT want you to watch this video, so share away haha 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


*Also check out the many amazing resources on her website HERE

You were made for SO MUCH MORE!

Personal Journey

Whopping 33 pound weight loss this year!

I found out this morning that since the beginning of this year in January, these past 4 months, I have lost 33 pounds!!! I knew that I was losing along and have really stepped up in the exercise world, but when I added the pounds up I was thrilled! Thank God for this blessing as I haven’t seen this number on the scale in 4 years!

This means that I will get down to a healthy place by Christmas, and then if I keep it up I will reach the optimum level of physical health by my 30th birthday (a little over a year from now) and be very much in shape! From there on out, its all about maintaining this new healthy lifestyle with all of the better, healthy habits! 🙂

God bless everyone and have a wonderful day!


Personal Journey

The Road Ahead, and My Formula For Happiness.


I took this photo with my IPhone from the passenger’s seat as my husband and I took the back road home to our little town which is just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, the horse capital of the world. We had just spent the day in the city with family and shopping a few months back. Since I love the bumpy ride, and the fact that its the closest I get to a roller coaster, we took the scenic route! A beautiful sunset, farm lands, cattle, and horses were far more enjoyable for me than if we had taken the main road through the city and into our little town-that would have meant car dealerships, gas stations and businesses, city lights all around. 

Despite the view from where we are, the destination of this road we’re on is unknown.

I do know one thing. We must remain focused, goals and values in check at all times. We must be sure that our daily routine, lifestyle and habits are aligned with our dreams or desired outcomes to the best of our abilities. That is the formula for happiness in my opinion. This is the best advice I could ever leave with my friends, family, and all of humanity. Well, second, following the sharing of The Gospel of Jesus.

I hope that you will give it a chance.

God bless you, and guide you all your days.


Personal Journey

I Don’t Care What Everyone Else Says That I Cannot Do…Anymore!

Don’t write something you’ll regret!!!

People like you for what they’re used to, so you cannot change!

Like a r&B singer going pop, its a transition.

Something new is about to be born.

I am not just being restored…

I am recreated.



I am making some major changes in this game called life.

The way I play is going to turned up a few notches…

First I lost my mind.

Then I lost some weight.

Tired of losing.

Time for winning.

So here I go…

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m no longer on the brink.

I’m jumping in.

I don’t believe in luck, so don’t wish it for me.

Diving into my new life, without thinking twice.

There is no time for careful consideration.

All of that pondering has led me no place else but…here.


I’ve made an executive decision.

I’m severing my own ties and breaking my very own chains.

For many years I’ve been a prisoner in a big body and an anxious mind.


Freedom, Is what I choose.

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God is BIGGER than your past

God is BIGGER than your past

God knows all of our pain, He knows our hearts…its our hearts that He’s after. The world makes you obsess over your physical body, strive for perfection, and live a life so focused on what doesn’t matter, that you miss out on love, and what truly counts. Friends, don’t let worries of this world bog you down. All this stuff will surly pass away. I am in no way saying for us to neglect our bodies, or anything in our lives-our weaknesses can get the best of us if we let them, is all. People who are like myself and struggle with body image, eating disorders or even Bipolar disorder, which I have been dealing with more so lately, can all relate! Everyone can! It is so very easy to become consumed with worries of things like appearance in a manner that is not healthy, and therefor we lose track of our focus, our purpose.

God is love. You can feel Him in the warm embrace from you mom, your spouse, a friend, anyone…When you do something kind for someone because you care, out of consideration, respect. That’s God. ❤

Photo says it all, friends! Our God is not only all-powerful but He is ever so forgiving, His mercy is forever through Jesus…NOTHING you have done is too big or dark for the Blood of Christ to wash away! 🙂
Sending love to all of you this afternoon!!! 🙂 *hugs*

*Image source is on poster, bottom right corner.