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When you ask The Lord Jesus Christ into your heart to become your Savior and Lord of your life, something amazing happens! Almighty God puts His Holy Spirit inside of you to live with you forever and never leave you nor forsake you, to help you in all matters until you meet with Jesus in Heaven or in the soon coming rapture of the Church.

THE HOLY SPIRIT, LIFE ITSELF  is placed inside of your earthly being!!!!!! You are then what the Bible calls quickened, or:

Primarily, to make alive; to vivify; to revive or resuscitate, as from death or an inanimate state. To make alive in a spiritual sense; to communicate a principle of grace to. To revive; to cheer; to reinvigorate; to refresh by new supplies of comfort or grace. To become alive.

Accept this beautiful, live changing, prison shaking gift today! Find rest for your soul in JESUS CHRIST alone! Nothing can or will ever satisfy you like Jesus Christ The Son of The Living God. Trust me, I know…

Don’t be left behind for the 7 years of hell on the earth about to break out any moment now when what is called the rapture of the Church happens. This is called The Tribulation period or time of Jacob’s Trouble and it is where God returns His attention to Israel. The Jewish people were blinded for the rest of our sake (The Gentiles) so we could be saved as well by The Blood of Jesus in His death on the Cross and resurrection on the third day. If They knew Jesus was The Messiah they would not have crucified Him.

Whoever else that does not believe in JESUS CHRIST and belongs to God, indwelt by The Holy Spirit, will be left behind for this nightmare. So many people are going to be left behind. PLEASE don’t be one of them!!!! Most will perish, and if they die in their sins unready to meet God being covered by The Blood of JESUS, they will surely go to hell forever. This is a hard message, but I want to tell you the truth and maybe offend you to help save you from FOREVER in the lake of FIRE! Eternity in Heaven is going to be AMAZING!!! DO NOT PUT IT OFF! Cry out to JESUS TODAY!!!

Above is just an example of a prayer you could pray to God to ask JESUS to be your Savior and save you from being FOREVER in HELL and also the 7 year Tribulation about to come on the whole earth. Just cry out from the heart and you have to really mean it! This is NOT a 1, 2, 3 believe after me kinda thing!!! IT IS A LIFESTYLE! SO, FOLLOW JESUS NO MATTER WHAT!!!



Jesus TRULY loves you! Don’t Believe, watch this ♥

Jesus TRULY loves you! Don’t Believe, watch this ♥

NO MATTER WHAT! IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO FIND REST AND SALVATION FOR YOUR SOULS IN CHRIST FOR JESUS LOVES YOU BEYOND MEASURE! YOU ARE PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD AND OF HIS SON JESUS, THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND. YOU MATTER! You don’t have to suffer alone anymore nor believe the lies of the devil who tells you that you are worthless, alone, no good, ugly, stupid, nobody loves you, and all else that’s negative. There’s HOPE right HERE right NOW for you, if you just CRY OUT TO JESUS! He tasted death for everyone! Your sins will be forgiven, you will receive eternal life and the best friend you could ever have who sticks closer than a brother.


God Is With You Now!

I’ve been going through a difficult time of transition lately, and saw this poster on a friend of mine’s Facebook page. It was just what I needed to be reminded of. I am not alone. Never. Praise Lord God Almighty for it, and Jesus Christ, His Son, who paid for it!

No matter how we’re packaged, we all arrive at the same place…


Nobody is EVER better than anybody else! ❤


I’ll See You At The River…

I'll See You At The River...

Yesterday evening, a little after 6p.m. my daddy, Holland, passed away in the ICU at the local Medical Center. He was surrounded by love as my mother, sister, and I held onto him, waiting for Jesus to come and take him home. He passed peacefully. This was a very dark day in our lives, but the brightest for dad. He is no longer suffering in any way. He’s resting in Jesus. I’m sure that he *walked* through the valley of the shadow of death and feared no evil.

Praise God for the precious childhood memories my sister and I are blessed with, and the nearly 50 years he shared in marriage to my mother—An amazing dad, husband, and friend. He has moved onto the next level, but a part of him lives on in me, and in my sister, mother, and all of the lives that he touched along his journey. My dad was a Vietnam Veteran, but is also Forever and ever, OUR HERO! We love you daddy..

See you in Heaven!

***Thanks to everyone here at WordPress, my dear friends who took the time to pray for him or wish us well, everything. God bless all of you. We cannot thank you enough for your loving, kind support! ❤


This Side of Goodbye

I think tomorrow my mother, sister, and I are going to go into the ICU for our final goodbyes to my father. I haven’t cried as much and in the way I had always anticipated. Maybe i mourned ahead of time…I don’t know. I spent many nights in the past crying over my dad’s sickness and situation. I would pray… I have kept praying. In fact, I have especially prayed fearlessly these past few montsh that God would relieve dad of his suffering no matter what it took/that I was okay with him moving on.

dadThis picture was taken about 7 years ago after my dad’s first amputation, before he lost his other leg. His mind was totally in tact, and his outlook was real and his sense of humor was right up to par as always. Things really changed over the years, and here we are.g a few minutes

Seeing him once again on the vent was worse last night as the neurologist stopped sedation to see how he would react. Within a couple minutes, he began having what the doctor called a brain seizure as his brain was agitated due to going without oxygen for several minutes when all of this began with the aspiration on the drink at dialysis. Watching his body react in such a way was horrible. So now we know that not only can my dad not breathe without the vent, he cannot be still, stable or normal without the addition of medicines. There is a lot of brain damage. There is very little functioning in his brain now.

My father’s life wasn’t pleasant at all before all of this happened while on dialysis and just living at the nursing facility, slowly declining and withering away since day 1 of this stuff. Now he is just a body with functioning organs, breathing sustained by a machine, and medicine to make him be still and rest. This is not life. This is punishing.

I told God that all of my trust is in Him and asked for Him to do the best for my dad to find comfort and know the peace he’s been without for years. May God’s Will always be done.

I am not sure, but I think tomorrow afternoon will be the day that my daddy goes home. I have plans on spending a few minutes alone with him before my mother and sister join me to be there with him in his final moments on earth-watch  his final breath.

This is so crazy, but this is life. This is my life. And, its really happening. Its happening right now.

Who Are You?

My birthday was the 29th of this month. The other day as I wanted to see all of my family on my special day in my hometown, I also made a trip to the nursing facility to see my dad. It had been around a month since I’d seen him last. I made my mom and husband wait in the hallway, my mom holding the milkshake we had brought him. Food is the only pleasure he has in life, and he loves to eat. I wanted to go in alone and be the first one to see him and make him smile in surprise. He always lights up when he sees me walk in with a big grin, and a spark in his eyes. This time it was different.

I entered my dad’s room with the expectation that we would exchange “I love you,” a few hugs, and a kiss on his forehead. I knew he didn’t say as much as he used to, but the last visit, even though I did most of the talking I could see his reactions and he uttered that he loved me before I left. As I eagerly approached him on my birthday and stepped up to his bedside, with high hopes I greeted him, “Hey!!!”

He replied “Who are you?”

I was crushed.

This was the day that I put off, buried in the back of my mind. The day that I knew would never come, because he constantly asked about me all of the time, and never forgot…And here it was.

I know that its just a matter of time now before my dad moves on out of this plane of existence and hopefully onto Heaven, in the arms of Jesus. Moving into a place of rest in God, no more pain. No more blood sugar checks, or awful skin cancers and Agent Orange. No more Dialysis-the only trips or rides in a vehicle that he has known for a long time. No more being confined to bed without legs, and his home. No more of the scary, lonely nights that we don’t even know about or could ever understand. Its time. He has weathered this storm, and it just looks like any day now he could pass.

Its not just my father’s mind that is bad. Along with the Alzheimer’s and dementia,  his frail body that’s eaten up with skin cancers and large sores, there’s kidney failure. He does not qualify to be on the transplant list for a new one. They took him off a while back. Physically, he is withering away. I don’t want him to lie there and suffer any longer. I also don’t want to say goodbye to my dad. I never would have thought that this would ever even be a thought to cross my mind at the age of 29.

I am so grateful for Jesus. I am so happy for my faith. There is obviously more than this. There is an afterlife. Looks like anyone would suspect that by looking at the many different, beautiful sunsets around the world, the great mountains, the intimidating and powerful oceans… I see God.

I think dad’s ready. Spiritually at least. In our Christian faith, he obeyed God’s Word, was baptized, declared Jesus to be the Son of God, and his very own Lord and Savior. He took care of his family, always a great provider for many, many years. A great daddy, and loving husband to my mother. His heart is greater and deeper than any ocean, but I’m not writing a eulogy. Only God knows when my daddy’s days on earth are up.

This is very difficult for me. That’s why I am repressing it.


dad1 dad2 Daddy promised me that he and I would go out to eat together at I Hop to celebrate my college degree with great enthusiasm in his brown eyes. I am not returning to college. I took my 60 hours I was blessed to have paid for with scholarships and ran. But that’s okay. There are far more amazing things in Heaven than all of the college degrees on this earth. There’s better food too. Better pancakes, I know.  Also, if we get to meet on that side of the shore, what an amazing and incomparable feat that would be. What a celebration for my daddy and me. Everyone.


God bless.



To Never Truly Die…

To Never Truly Die...

Image courtesy of John Hagee Ministries.

You can visit Pastor Hagee’s official website at this link:


Simply create a username and a password just like an email account, and there’s so much to enjoy! Many sermons from Pastors John and Matthew Hagee. These messages are those that will be ever significant throuought the remainder of your life.

Included on the website are videos of the ‘Hagee Hotline’ additions. This is where Pastors John and Matthew Hagee discuss current world events concerning the Bible. I really enjoy this!

I hope you visit this site and give it a chance to lift your faith and inspire you!
God bless!


What’s Scarier, The State of the World, or the State of Your Spirit?

I think people should set all of their doomsday shelters, supplies, and backup plans aside. The only thing to fear is the Creator, God in Heaven. However, He is also love itself in every possible way. Last night there was another earthquake on the west coast. Los Angeles was shaken up in a 5.1 magnitude. I know that people have made statements that the world would end in specific years, dates, and what not-like the whole 2012 or Y2K thing at the end of 1999. However, I feel that God is truly revealing to us that time is short. In the Bible,

Luke 21:11 “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”

  • Los Angeles is just one of many recent earthquakes…
  • There are many terrible diseases spreading now, and famine.
  • I’ve mentioned the coming 4 blood moons in a previous post as a sign from Heaven.

Mark 13:8For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.”

  • Aren’t we a war-torn world in global turmoil now?

So many people find these passages irrelevant, and just write it off, like its nothing. I’ve heard many unbelievers and people across the world say that all of these events have already taken place and so on. Well, perhaps there has always been war on the soil of the earth, earthquakes, and problems, but, friend, don’t you think things have escalated to far stronger extremities than this earth has ever known? I think so.

This morning I chose to listen to “I Can Only Imagine” over “Praise You In This Storm.” I love many, many songs, but this morning I feel like praising God more than dwelling in my storm. Children of God, we must fight the good fight, and crucify the flesh.

I get down and out/depressed with the setbacks that, like all other mortals I experience. You see, the evil forces that be, the enemy…or the devil, if you will, is not stupid. Even he fears God and knows that hell is for real. That’s why I am a spiritual lethal weapon. The effort that I am putting into sharing anything about our Lord is deadly to Satan, and when I speak with the sword of Scripture, he flees. Its just a daily battle with good and evil for any Christian. All humans deal with decision making and are influenced by the world and all that shimmers. However, once you are actually washed in the blood of the Lamb, all of that gets cranked up a million times higher. Child of God, you know you’re on the right track when the devil is “giving you hell” daily, and you are constantly battling the fight against the flesh by the Spirit. The more I try to do better to live as a Christian, and set aside the things of this world, the stronger the temptations become. I’m given so many more opportunities to become angry and just go off the deep end. That’s why me must stay on guard.

1 Peter 5:8

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Satan and all dark forces that be, are more than thrilled to see me head in hands, tears rolling down my cheeks, or in pain, falling into a depression because of my mistakes. My biggest weakness is my battle with being overweight, and my self esteem. It really seems to have a whole lot to do with all aspects of my life-including whether or not I choose to attend Church on Sunday, which I know, as a Christian I am commanded to do. If my dress didn’t fit right and I felt I’d put on some pounds, for the longest time I would succumb to all of that. I’ve even gotten dressed and completely ready to go to the House of God, in my car, and halfway to Church, then turned around to head home. So many times I’ve ran home to drown in my tears and sorrow-to loathe and hate the person that I am, the way I look…tell God that what He made me is not good enough, and in fact was a mistake.

You too, could be, or have the potential to be a threat to our enemy and adversary, the devil.

Matthew 11:28

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” -Jesus

  • I have found peace in Jesus. I can honestly say He’s healing me even now…and I’m forever growing from one stage of life to the next.

Jesus is real, and He’s still waiting with open arms. There is still time left to open yourself up to God, making yourself vulnerable…for a healing and a peace, you would have otherwise never known.


God bless you, precious one,

Have a wonderful weekend!





*Image via Google Images.

For Any of You Who Are Hurting Right Now:

For Any of You Who Are Hurting Right Now:

It doesn’t matter what time it is, or the day, or place. God is listening. Call upon Him, precious friends! Let your worries be heard by the Ears of Almighty God, making all your problems be known to Him Who made the world, and all that is, and was. He already knows what you are going to ask, before you even ask. We can’t surprise God.

His love is matchless, infinite, and ever unconditional. It is through Jesus Christ, His Son, that we are able to know God have a relationship with Him.

“In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

God bless everyone tonight.


*Image source, Via Facebook News Feed.