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What’s The Point?

Do you ever get out of bed and think “What’s the point?” Maybe today you will turn over a new leaf, work on a new project, catch up on household chores…and for a moment you feel a spark of hope that just maybe today will be different.

I know I do.

That’s why I’m writing this right now.

So I called out to my Father in Heaven, expressing my early morning discontent. Just because I don’t see the point doesn’t mean there isn’t one. I heard or felt in my spirit “invest.” It’s not all about me. There was someone that needed help today. It was something I could’ve just let slide as I flopped back into bed today, but this morning I didn’t. When the day before you is blurry and all looks grim, just look to God and ask Him what is it that you can do to help others today, to serve Him? To glorify Him with the breath you’ve been given today. After all, it was He that woke you up again this morning. There is purpose for you this day!

Friend, we can’t let the feelings of the flesh get us down. Let us remember what really matters. Serving our loving God in the Name of Jesus Christ, His Son and our Savior…and helping others. As Children of God we are meant to shine! Let’s not hide our lights, no matter how dark it is around us.

Be blessed today in Jesus’ Name!


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The Holy Spirit

Child of God, don’t be afraid. For in what we lack, God supplies in unending abundance. His grace is sufficient and ANYTHING is possible with HIM! God literally ‪#‎died‬ to know you. You are loved beyond understanding. No tear goes unnoticed. Be of good cheer!

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Hey You



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You Are Loved


God doesn’t give up on us like people do.

We were saved by the blood of Jesus on the Cross, by God’s Mercy.

Personal Journey

The 4 Blood Moons: Looking into the future with proof of Bible and NASA

The 4 Blood Moons: Looking into the future with proof of Bible and NASA

In The Bible, read Joel 2:31 with your own eyes.

“31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is backed by The Word of God.

Go to

This lunar event is part of a big deal.  Check out to learn more.

God be with you always!


Personal Journey

Love Your Wives as Christ Loved The Church…

Love Your Wives as Christ Loved The Church...


I don’t believe that this exists anymore. If it does, it is very, very rare. The chances of a man loving his wife really, and truly the way that Christ, our Savior, loves His Bride, The Church, are so slim in today’s world…I don’t think many men at all even understand that type of love, or are capable of it. I don’t know.

That’s been my personal experience…

In my situation of “love”…Being loved by a man as Christ loved The Church is no place near where I am…or where we are.