Poltergeist: Who are they? What can they do?

Pastor Shawn , Will discuss the deceptions told about poltergeist by the paranormal genre.

The Vatican and ET #1: CERN, A Stargate? (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Sunday School: Apr 26 2015 The Force of Hell is Being Held Back By The Hand of God. Investigative Research by Tom Horn. Scripture: Rev 13:11-15 & II Thess 2:1-7 Website: http://pastorcharleslawson.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.tbcofftn…

Revelations of Masonic and Satanic abuse

Streamed live on Mar 26, 2019



Judy Byington – KTVX ABC 4

The devil can’t keep his secrets anymore 🙂

Satanic Ritual Abuse is REAL and it’s far more common than most people realize.

Please pray against these rituals and pray for the souls of the human beings involved on the abusing end and for the victims. Thank you. God bless in Jesus Name.

Published on Oct 29, 2012

As the only known survivor-intended-victim of a human sacrificial ceremony, Jenny Hill is living proof that ritual abuse is, in fact, a reality. With great courage and in open defiance of her sadistic abusers, Jenny wishes her story told. The ending will shock you. Referring to journals written throughout childhood, Jenny Hill and her multiple personalities document how as a five year-old, she overcomes trauma by turning to prayer while utilizing her alter states to compartmentalize abuse at the hands of a master mind-control programmer from Nazi Germany. After suffering deaths of a high school sweetheart, plus her only girlfriend, she somehow completes Army medic training, receives a nursing degree, prepares for a church mission and becomes a mother. Simultaneously led by sex-addict Head Alter J.J., intrepid alters assume frequent control, engaging in larceny and prostitution. With her children, her lifeline, the increasingly desperate nurse escapes a drugged-out pimping husband, blacks out in a job interview, comes to nine days later as an inpatient headed for the Utah State Psychiatric Hospital and only then learns what her life has really been. http://www.tatepublishing.com/booksto…

Spiritual Warfare And Stuff With Greg Reid

*Through The Black T-Shirts are now available. We want to make it easy for you to start the conversations with people you want to have. Now you have a tool and a show to help you !* https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=w_bl_sl_… Gregs Books: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=dp_bylin…
Greg Reid, our amazing personal friend and author, makes his debut on Through The Black to casually chat about demons, blood sacrifices, ritualistic crime and other timely stuff.

Psychics and Mediums: What the Bible says

Shawn Carter will be talking about how paranormal groups use mediums and what the Bible says about it.



Recommended reading:

War of the Ages by [Gregory Reid] CLICK HERE & get it on AMAZON

War of the Ages is a complete guide to spiritual warfare. Is the devil real? What about demons, angels? What does the Bible say about these things? How can we fight and overcome the power of darkness in today’s world? Nearly 400 pages of scriptural and practical insights from over 45 years of experience battling the forces of evil. Solid truths and real stories. Spiritual warfare for the next generation.

Solar Ring of Fire Eclipse On Jun 21 Satanist To March Across Nation Same Day! Rapture Is Coming!


David Carrico * Deliverance Ministry * Satanic Ritual Abuse * Dissociative Identity Disorder

Streamed live on Nov 20, 2017

The Vatican and ET #4: The Spiritual State of the New Age Movement (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Sunday School: May 24 2015
While Evolving Spiritually, They Are Consumed With Self. Linking New Age, Emerging Church and Science.
Scripture: 1 Tim 4:1
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Something’s Going On: A Peek at the Plan (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Sunday (Morning) Preaching: Sep 11 2016
The Collective Mind Behind Apparently Random, Far-Flung Events and Their Intent–Declared Even Back in the 1800’s. William Guy Carr Cited.
Scripture: II Timothy 4:1 Website: http://pastorcharleslawson.org/
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