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The Truth About Mind Control.

Check out these whistle blowers! To God be The Glory!

We should really be exposing this stuff!

And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

2 Corinthians 10:6 – https://www.biblegateway.com/passage?search=2%20Corinthians%2010:6&version=KJV

Read these excellent articles exposing what’s really going on with MK Ultra Mind Control and Celebrities…



Not all victims became famous.  *GRIN* Thank YOU JESUS for setting The Captives FREE!

There was a reason why Wide Awake by Katy Perry and the music video were always so special to me…

(I see major similarities between this song by Katy Perry and the one called Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift. These women were crying out for help. So many of us can relate to their pain).


See how all this works BELOW…

For more amazing information on Satanic Iluminatti Mind Control, click here to visit Sister Beth Eckert’s Bog, The Other Side of Darkness.

God says that His People perish for lack of knowledge…

EDUCATE yourself! Check out this amazing book and share 🙂

BlackAwakening Click the image or link below!


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You Are Someone’s Miracle

We begin as blank slates, fresh from the womb, knowing nothing, spotless. Wherever we wind up after that and a bunch of psychology to boot determines how our personality, and the very perception of ourselves develop. There is so much information, theory etc… with that sort of thing. That’s not my point tonight, though. Even on my best day, at this point in my life I would be unable to really deliver a textbook explanation.

But you know, no matter what, we are absolutely 100% able to rise above and beyond our childhoods, troubling life lessons learned the hard way throughout the years like bullying or abuse. I’m not saying it will be just wiped away from our hurting minds and hearts. What I am saying is that though you may still carry the dark or troubling events & people that have hurt you, and the fact that even now, after all these years it still stings…You can rise above it all. The lingering pain can be healed. You can come to a true place of peace in your heart, despite all the memories. The thing is, we have to do some work to find that peace and carry on that work to maintain it.

Reaching out to others, trusted loved ones, friends, family, a significant other…and professional help. I am a living testimony that therapy does work. It will work for you-but you will only reap as much as effort you put in with your counselor. Developing insight is just huge. Sometimes meds can make a dramatic impact. It may take time with trial and error as we are all made differently, but if it works for you, it is worth it. *All credit goes to Jesus Christ, The Son of God. He is the Great Physician, and the one I choose to serve. The things He has done for me I could never count on this earth.* The healing of my weary soul has everything to do with this.


No statistics, no linking of articles or anything tonight. I just want to offer hope. That is the blessing that I have as an overcomer. If you are struggling with anything that haunts you, interfering with your daily life, and leads you to believe a lie, do not give up. Miracles happen every day. There is light within you, whether you see it or not.

You have it in you, precious soul, to be someone else’s miracle.

God bless

Salvation is free


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My Priorities Have Changed.

The things ‘I want for Christmas’ or in this life, have changed over the years. The new & shiny, black Cadillac, the fancy home in an untouchable neighborhood by the ocean side, that private practice I’m not opening, trips to Europe or exotic islands…that’s not me anymore. I want to ride home on the wings of Angels someday..to my mansion on streets of gold, by the River of Life, flowing from the Throne of God-that is incomparable to any body of water on this earth. I don’t have to have a PhD to get in.


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People are destroying themselves.

It’s so crazy how in some parts of the world people are beyond destroyed by wars, acts of terror, or persecution, while at the same time in other parts of the world…

People are destroying themselves.

Some turn to the bottle, or to the needle, for that go to high. These highs take people to the lowest of lows… We are all hurting and we want to feel better. Coping, or in many cases, self medicating…is different for everyone. Substance abuse isn’t all illegal. We abuse food as well. We swallow our pain. Some of us believe we can purge all guilt, all fear…but we are so wrong. All of our pathetic human band-aids are anything but helpful.

We can’t always understand one another. Perhaps we wonder why do victims of domestic violence stay? Why does somebody keep abusing pills that lead to nothing but self destruction, and they know better? Why do so many people continue to tear themselves down in efforts to become better in their eyes? Oh at the things we do… And its so easy to judge. You see a beautiful, young woman with a nice body, beautiful, flat ironed hair, dressed to the nine’s and think to yourself… I bet that girl is a total snob. I bet she thinks she’s better than everybody else. Maybe you are really feeling uncomfortable because of your very own insecurities hidden deep within your soul? I can personally testify this to have been my truth for many years. In dealing with my eating disorder and body dysmorphia, I not only waged wars against the mirror, but also against who I was… There was a huge leap between the me that I knew and the woman I wanted to be.

Millions of times in my life, I’ve heard my mom say “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another!” Have you ever felt that way? Like no matter how hard you try to get ahead, somehow you remain in the struggle? The struggle is deception. We are deceived by our negative thoughts, bitter emotions, and so we behave accordingly. When you dwell on all that’s got ya down and what ya lack, you feel like crap and that’s what you get. Crap.

Maybe a simple shift in perspective, the entertaining of thoughts and ideas that seems so absurd to us…Maybe things would change if we simply considered, imagined what life would be like without limits. The good news is that many of these limits are not solid. I know some things are inevitable…but there is so, so much that we lead ourselves to believe. After spending awhile in a dark place of life, sometimes we  apply the lessons learned in the storm, and sometimes we give up, or we write ourselves off. Sometimes we are so discouraged that getting up just seems to be in no way an option.

But it is.

People are dying in this world. People are running for their lives-being persecuted for their beliefs, just telling the truth and admitting the very things they stand for. Religious minorities are attacked all of the time by insane, radical militants who think the more people they blow up, the better off in their heaven they will be. This idiotic concept is not of God, but of man. Evil thrives off of the blood of the innocent, the rape, torture, and chains.

Invisible chains can bind human beings just as strong as actual ones in captivity. People are dying, and people are dying inside.

Today I challenge you to do something about it.

You may not be able to save the world, but you are responsible for yourself. If you are struggling, don’t be ashamed or afraid to seek the help that you need. Find someone you can trust and confide in them. If you haven’t any family or friends, there are many mental health professionals and suicide hotlines. The resources are there, you just need to accept them. Take responsibility. Abusing alcohol, drugs, sex…other people… These band-aids you turn to are making you a hamster on a wheel. Going nowhere.

This post is not just an opinion…I have a hole of my own that I dug-and I stayed there until somebody reminded me of what I’m reminding you.

Some of the pain in this world can be helped simply by choosing to take another road. Some pain can be prevented. If you are blessed to be living in an area where you are not persecuted, fighting for your life, living moment to moment, I suggest you (and I) take a look at our lives. Let’s examine our wounds instead of covering them up. The self-medicating-band-aids encourage pain.

There is only one true Peace. There are many glittering distractions when we wanna feel better…but the way, the Truth, and the Life…Is Jesus Christ. Call on Him today, we’re running out of time. The Bible is being fulfilled daily. Matthew 24…there is more to come, like the 7 year Tribulation with the reign of the antichrist and mark of the beast. But, nothing else has to happen before Jesus returns to receive His Bride, the true Christians who have surrendered all. I was a lukewarm 25% Christian for a long time, and didn’t realize it..

He’s Here today with Open arms.


Think about it.


God bless.

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If You’re Feeling Broken…

This image is very true. I hope you will be blessed by it. 🙂

Something to think about, eh?



*Image via a friend