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Urgent Prayers for Daniel. Court Date on October 24th, 2018.

Urgent prayers please on behalf of a dear Sister in Christ. Her son Daniel needs The Lord. Here’s her request:

“hi dear sister they postpone daniel court for october 24 thank you so much dear sister praying for daniel yes daniel must be humble to say i am a sinner to admit his fault going jail he cant say satan fault he need to stop listen to satan he need wisdom for medication 7months he was in hospital now on jail he is taking medication it is in his system he cant stops by himself if really he repent and back to jesus step by steps with doctor permission he can get rid of it but now if stop he is getting delusion and getting back to jail again coming and going jail hospital i hope jesus find the way for daniel come out of this mezreble life jesus bring daniel out of jail with faith with sound mind right spirit amen yes we are praying and waiting for Jesus timing.”

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Relationships and Jesus.

Brother Marcus is sharing some amazing Holy Spirit Wisdom and advice throughout these few videos.

Love. Life. Focus on Jesus. God has you.

Watch all three and be blessed in The Name of The Lord Jesus! ♥

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Prophecy: God is Unlocking New Identities and Giving Out New Names in This Season. October 2017

Jennifer prophesies God is unlocking new identities and giving out new names, then unpacks this teaching and prays over you in this powerful video. You can find Jennifer online at or sow into the ministry at

Glory to God! If you’ve followed this blog for a while, or if you’ve known me for a little bit, you can see that this Prophecy was spot on for me. My name has literally been changed and so has my Calling. God Anointed me as a Prophet on March 15th, 2018. I have yet to receive and yet to give  The Prophecies God has for me. Amazing Word! ♥

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Daily Intercession. September 18, 2018

Praise God, Saints!!!

It’s gonna be a Holy Ghost Fire-Revival, Fruit Bearing Day!!!

Let’s pray in agreement this morning and tear down the kingdom of darkness…

Heavenly Father,

We come together this morning thanking You for this day and for all the miracles, signs, and wonders that await us today!

We lift up all learning institutions today, Father. From pre-schools and daycares to Universities, we bind up the spirit of bullying and cyber bullying. We break and cancel all enemy assignments of school violence. We bind the following spirits in The Name of Yeshua:

Sexual perversion, lust, porn, Incubus and Succubus, addiction, fear, suicide, murder, and depression.

In The Name of Yeshua, we loose spirits of Intercession and Revival worldwide!

Lord, we cry out today on behalf of the children that go unheard!

We ask You, Lord God, to please EXPOSE Satanic Rituals worldwide and deliver people of all ages from harms way! Please bless all foster-care and adoption programs and situations. Open doors of opportunity to get Christian missionaries back in school!

In The Name of Yeshua, we bind up the spirits..break and cancel all assignments related to pedophelia and sexual perversion worldwide.

We break and cancel all enemy assignments against the children and youth, marriages, family units, and homes in The Name of Yeshua!

God, deliver those in harms way with open doors that no man can shut. Please turn the hearts of today’s youth away from the darkness and things of Satan and give them the ability to embrace the light. Convict and save those that call evil good and call good evil.

Thank You, Father! All of these things we ask

in The Name of Yeshua. Amen ❤️

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Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale ♥

Caged No More

🎶I’ll follow you down through the eye of the storm
Don’t worry I’ll keep you warm.
I’ll follow you down while we’re passing through space
I don’t care if we fall from grace
I’ll follow you down🎶

A young couple in love picking dandelions in a hazy, dreamlike field in the mountains…walking hand in hand to the mountain’s edge, gazing out at the water below. A romantic moment captured at the base of a cascading waterfall. A solitary place to wash the world away and live in the moment for two people who seem to need nothing but each other to enjoy true happiness. A bird’s eye view of an evolving relationship that culminates in a wedding and a white picket fence. Images like these would seem to be out of place in a hard rock music video, but Shinedown makes it work perfectly within the confines of…

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“War Table Prayer.”


Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I come against all Satan’s principalities, generals, rulers and commanders in High places assigned against me and my family now.

I destroy with the Fire of God, the Blood of Jesus and the dynamite of the Lord their strategic war tables and battle strategies.

I release HOLY Angels to smash all their Maps, Banners, cups, leaven, scrolls, objects, idols, witchcraft and sorcery.

I cut and destroy all communication lines between them.

I blind, mute & scramble all their thoughts.

I bind every strongman, general, watcher, host of Satan assigned against myself or my family and release confusion upon them all.

I erase all their thoughts, memories, reports, files, records & anything used against us with the Precious Blood of Jesus.

I release the Will of the Father and his plans of a Hope and a future over myself and my family for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I make myself and my family invisible to the enemy because the Word declares we dwell in the secret place of the most high.

I thank you Lord that no weapon formed against me or my family shall prosper from this day forth in the Precious name of Jesus Christ… Amen!

Blessings Peter Johnson

of Keys to The Kingdom Deliverance Ministry ❤️

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Are Witches Affecting Your Life? Getting Rid Of Toxic People

Glory to God! This is an amazing, life-changing teaching from Brother Marcus Rogers, led by The Holy Spirit of God.

How do you view your Goliath?

Are people talking you out of your blessing?

Hold onto your FAITH. That’s what Satan’s after. YOUR FAITH.

The BATTLE is in YOUR MIND. Renew your mind and read The Word of God daily!

God loves you and has a plan for your life! Be blessed in Yeshua’s Name! ♥