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Have you should on yourself lately?

shouldonmyselfThis made me laugh upon first glance. It’s true tho!

Go easy on yourself and know that you are working on your goal(s) one step at a time. Small steps add up because the newly developed habits later become the result.

Whatever you’re working with, whether it be relationship(s), health & fitness, career-related issues, and so on…It can be done. Do not give up. When we should on our selves, negative vibes run through our veins and into our mind.

So, instead of should-ing on yourself, just open a can.

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Wearing Your Love Glasses

Let’s let go of yesterday and enjoy today. Tomorrow is not promised. So, share your love. You are the rainbow in someone else’s cloud even if unaware! :0) You are an answered prayer waiting to be delivered. There is this blessing inside of you that only you and you alone are capable of sharing with the world! Unleash your spark!

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Morning Laugh


I saw this in my Facebook News Feed this morning and had to share. It certainly made me smile! 🙂

Y’all have a great day today, and no matter where you are or what you are doing, know that you are loved. Whether you know it or not you are appreciated. The Creator of it All loves you, and seeking God will always open the right doors. No matter what you’re looking for, with God you will always find what you need.

Much Love!