Rick Katt at ADC 060818: 3 Hindrances That Block Your Deliverance

Put On Your Faith Glasses

You Can Still Fly With Broken Wings. God Got You.


Father’s Love Letter – An Intimate Message From God To You

The words you are about to experience are true. They will change your life if you let them. For they come from the very heart of God. He loves you. And He is the Father you have been looking for all your life. This is His love letter to you. Find out more at https://FathersLoveLetter.com

His GRACE Is All You Need! Super emotional video

Forgive me but I couldn’t help it. Super emotional in this one. It’s only by His grace!!! www.marcusrogersministries.org

Get Ready To Be Blown Away! The Lord Has Been Thinking Of You!πŸ”₯β€οΈπŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ€―πŸ˜€πŸŽ

Prophetic word for surprises
Prophetic word for good gifts
Prophetic word for good
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Prophetic Prayer: Chasing Freedom


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Did you love? Life review in the afterlife

God forgives a man that murdered 400 people? https://youtu.be/ZAkW28qyFVA
God has even more restraint than this bounty hunter https://youtu.be/9Dpz5j8jWrA life review near death experience https://youtu.be/iSQ1XUWVLRc growinn compassion https://youtu.be/TRRbCzZH_HY

Hide and Seek or Seek and Save? Hearing God

God Says Push The Kingdom Now!

“How are you going to stand FOR GOD when you don’t STAND WITH GOD?”
-Brother Marcus