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Prophetic word for blessings
Prophetic word for protection
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Dream of 444 and How it interprets my vision of the Rapture and Tribulation

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Walking Out Healing & Deliverance


Taking the journey into deliverance and healing is a wonderful step into freedom. Often times people become easily discouraged when things don’t go as quickly as they would like, or become difficult. Here Beth shares about how hard her healing path has been, how and she has dealt with it.
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About Me: Hi my name is Beth 🙂 I am an ex witch and new ager, who came out of satanic ritual abuse in the Mormon church. I am saved by the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and I blog and vlog about my past experiences, what I have learned and where God is leading me. I am also a stay at home mom of 4 boys, and married to a wonderful man.

What is about to Happen 2020

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Poltergeist: Who are they? What can they do?

Pastor Shawn , Will discuss the deceptions told about poltergeist by the paranormal genre.

Prophecy of Coming Events 2020

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Prophetic Word: Don’t let the Old, sync with the New! June 25, 20

Prophetic word for new life Prophetic word for blessings Prophetic word
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What Do We Do When Demons Manifest Q&A

Streamed live on Jun 26, 2017

Greg Reid * Christian Occultists * The Beautiful Side Of Evil * Our Time With Johanna..

Streamed live on Feb 27, 2018


An extraordinary story about Johanna’s involvement in the occult and how she learned to distinguish between the beautiful side of evil and the true way of the Lord.



Watch THIS IS A WAR on VIMEO, from Director of Detestable Thomas Dunn…


From the exposure of modern day “Christian Occultism” and demonic attacks, to overcoming past abuse and breaking secret oaths: THIS IS A WAR introduces you to a cast of individuals who come from all walks of life. Join former criminals and drug addicts as they reveal their scars and share their stories. Journey from the trenches of the “war for life” in our nation’s capitol to the studio solace of a hip hop artist in the California desert with many stops along the way.

Derek Gilbert, Johanna Michaelsen, J. Brett Prince, Jeremiah Dirt, and others give their personal accounts of engaging in spiritual warfare.