Our God is not dead, He’s ALIVE: Praying for The persecuted Body of Christ

This post is for our family in The Body of Christ, across the waters in the east who are being physically persecuted, tortured, and murdered.

Know this:They can bend us, and maybe break the physical bodies we have, that are but flesh. But they cannot break our spirits, nor take away the Power that lives inside of us, and The Truth that we know.

Myself, and so many others are praying for the Christians, the Jewish people, and everyone suffering in all of this. I pray for the people of the Ukraine. I pray of those that persecute us. The members of these evil, killing groups that deceive the children, prey on the unstable, and kill in the name of their “god.” How is it honorable to destroy, to kill?

There is a reward for everyone coming when the Son returns, coming in the clouds to claim those that are His.

Some people may say that this is a little bold, or perhaps that I could be stepping on some toes. But that’s what following Jesus is! It is being Bold, being unafraid, and proclaiming with ever fiber inside of you that Christ is Lord! Standing up for God! Wavering not… If God be for us, who be against us?

Our God is not dead, He’s ALIVE.

Be encouraged, precious ones.


You Can Overcome Anything!

This is sure to boost your mood, no matter what troubles in life you are facing…

God bless you, dear ones!

It’s gonna be a great day. You can be happy, even now. Listen to the words in this song!


My Prayer

Looking out the window this afternoon I sighed gazing up at the sky through the sheer, pink curtains. I spoke to God, our Creator, and our Father. After leaving my Facebook News Feed where I read of very horrific things happening in Israel, I said…

“Father, this world is just getting to be too much. I want to go home. We cannot take much more. I’ve grown so weary of this world and all that glitters with the ugliest truth behind it all. From the easy-access, explicit content today’s youth have at the click of a mouse or the flipping of the TV remote, to the persecution of the people that I consider my family in Ukraine and Israel and Iraq…it must stop. I want to go to that place where our bodies never know disease, nor do tears ever flow from our eyes. I want to see my grandpa again, and to see my dad who left this world a couple of months ago. If I make it there I will see him with a brand new set of legs in a body that never grows old.

Oh, Father…please take us home.”


To all of the people being tortured, killed and destroyed in Iraq because of their religion and all else, to the people of dear Ukraine, and oh, Israel! I love all of you! You are not alone! I just want to take a moment and remind all of you special people in the world that you are loved, you are our friends and our family, and are always in our prayers. Don’t be afraid, God is with you. Do not lose hope or forget who you are even though its all beyond too much to bear.

Testify To Love: How Touched by an Angel Was My Blessing-Episode “The 151st Psalm”

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been so inspired and blessed by the TV show Touched by an Angel that aired on America’s channel CBS for years beginning in the nineties. It always brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes-but they were tears from the awesome encouragement given by the show. Looking back now, nearly twenty years later, all of those story lines, and great messages still linger.

My most favorite episode which really stands out in my mind, living in my heart, is called Psalm 151. One of the main characters in the story, the child with Cystic Fibrosis mother Audrey, says in the beginning of the episode how none of the 150 Psalms in G-d’s Word, The Holy Bible, could express the greatest joy she felt when her son Petey was born. Sadly, due to the troubles and hardships that were laid before them, she was unable to finish the song. One day in her son’s bedroom she discovered a list of things that Petey wanted to do before he died. Number 5 was for his mother to finish that song.

Above Petey is pictured being held by Andrew, the angel of death.

So later on in the show…

The Angel Monica’s (played by Roma Downey) message to Audrey (Wynonna Judd):

“There’s someone else who wants you to finish that song. You began it as a Psalm-a hymn of praise to G-d. G-d wants to hear it. All of it…You must finish what you began with the best that you have to give. Just as Petey is finishing the life he began with all the love and courage that his heart can give. He deserves nothing less from you…

(Then Monica’s monologue here continues with the story of Audrey’s son and how he needs to come home to G-d and to Heaven to no longer suffer).

That’s why G-d gives us inspiration. He puts into our spirit things that could not come out of our own minds. G-d loves you, Audrey, and He wants to help you write this song. It’ll be your gift to Petey, yes, but it will also be G-d’s gift to you. Because on those nights that seem so long and so quiet, when your arms feel empty, when the table is set just for one, and you think that your heart can’t bear to face another day without your little boy that song of praise for his life will rise in your soul again and again and you will make it through to another morning. Every time you sing the words they’ll lift you higher. And just as every step that Petey took in his life brought him closer to Heaven, he brought everyone in his life a little bit closer to it too. Tell him that. Tell the world you will never forget. Be a witness to a life lived completely and loved. Oh, write it, Audrey! Write the 151st Psalm.”

By the way, as part of the plot, Petey and his best friend meet up with world famous singer Celine Dion. In closing, I read tonight that 100% of all profit made by Celine Dion’s appearance in this 100th episode of Touched by an Angel went to a wonderful organization to help those with Cystic Fibrosis in Canada where she is from. Its all about love. That’s why I love this show. The message is clear in every episode.

“G-d loves you.”

I hope you find this angel’s words as encouraging and inspiring as I did. I could not find this monologue any place on the web, so I watched that show again and slowed it down to transfer it to my post. Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by!

G-d bless!


*Image via Google Images