New Rapture Vision and NWO

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Take Back Your Imagination & Hear God Clearly! (Major Word)

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Bill Gates wants a disastrous economy so he can chip you


JESUS is the ONLY WAY to escape what’s coming with The New World Order.

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The Armor of God 1st hour..Prophecy of Rapture last 30 minutes

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The Lord is about to Rapture the Bride

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On That Day YOU will know I AM Lord

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3 Precursors to the “End Time Beast System”

In this segment, we discuss the major events that are all happening simultaneously that are paving the way for an “End Time” buying and selling system that will be put in place by the Antichrist and the False Prophet.
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The Witches Are Out In PLAIN Sight The Demons Aren’t Even Hiding Anymore

Witches aren’t even hiding anymore and people still can’t see it. Beyonce, Bill Gates, and many others playing around with witches and God has allowed this exposure to come to give people a chance to wake up and see the truth

Prophecy❗2017❗Final Sign 4 Rapture

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