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My Hoodie = 28 Bowls of Dog food!

I got this super cute hoodie on under animal rescue site. Profits go toward the cause you support. In my case, there were 28 bowls of dog food donated as well!

I click everyday on all of the causes to support on the site. My clicking + Sponsors….


Spread the word & let the love ripple 🙂

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Have You Clicked Today?

Have you clicked today? Every click counts! 1 second of your time makes a difference!

🙂 Please do click and spread the word because together we can do great things ❤

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You can make a difference. For folks like me who cannot donate or purchase to help charities (like animal rescue)!

Your daily clicks of the click button help support all sorts of causes from animal shelter help, to veterans, diabetes, breast cancer, and more! Its a great opportunity to click daily to help for those of us who cannot donate or purchase things to help.

The official site for the Animal Rescue help and other wonderful groups like Breast Cancer Research, for Veterans, Diabetes and more…can be found at

Below you can see the Results of the Clicks for help with feeding shelter animals so far this year, In the United States (via website).






In just a few seconds each day, visitors can click on the large colored button on each home page and, at no cost to them, support causes they care about. Donations are paid for by the website’s sponsors and distributed by and its charity partners.

To learn more about current projects supported by these programs, please see the GreaterGood blog.

100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to our charitable partners.


*I have a direct link to the Animal Rescue Site on the right panel of this blog. Just click its logo! 🙂

I hope you will check Greater Good out! 🙂

Have a great day! ❤ ❤ ❤

God bless!

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Urgent! Attention Animal Rights Advocates and Dog Lovers!!!

Urgent! Attention Animal Rights Advocates and Dog Lovers!!!

If you haven’t heard already, Moreauville, LA just passed an ordinance aimed at separating families from their dogs, ONLY IF the dog is a pit or a rottie.

Saving Zeus before December 1st!


A family in this city is trying to hold out hope by creating a petition for their dog Zeus.. one that will save his life. Owner of Zeus, Joanna Armand started an online petition to protect pit bull Zeus from an uncertain fate. The petition, which asks the village of Moreauville to reverse a “vicious dog” ban against pit bulls and rottweilers, has drawn nearly 102,000 signatures.

MOST IMPORTANTLY –> Zeus provides love and support for her children, especially daughter O’Hara, who is confined to a wheelchair. This ordinance that takes effect DECEMBER 1st!

As pittie lovers and supports we ask your voice be heard in any of the following ways

(from wherever you are, you can sign the petition online, I signed today in Kentucky)


CALL in your support to:
POS and Mayor Timmy A. Lemoine
The mayor’s phone # (318) 964-2469 (<–Call tomorrow morning)
Town clerk phone # (318) 985-2338 (<–Call tomorrow morning)
Shut them phones DOWN ya’ll!

EMAIL your support
SEND THEM PICS OF YOUR SWEET PITTIES, loving, snuggling and behaving lovingly!

BSL just doesn’t work! And, I think as mostly owners of dogs that have been targeted by a stereotype (german shepards, doberman, pits or rotties) ..this could be any one of us! I know we can somehow help make a difference for this family!
HERE IS THE STORY:::…/liv…/louisiana-pit-bull-rottweiler-ban/

I just signed a petition to Town Of Moreauville, Mayor Timmy Lemoine, Town Of Moreauville, Alderman Penn Lemoine, Town Of Moreauville, Alderman Oscar P. Goody Jr., Town Of Moreauville, Alderman Felix Benjamin, and Moreauville Police…
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The Actual Stray Puppy


This is the little guy I told you about in This Post.

In less then 24 hours, he stole my heart! I dubbed him Scooter. We made him a make shift home from a tote. Food, water, bones, treats. Lots of love. We rescued him for a new mommy and daddy. This is him this morning on his way to the nice, no-kill shelter 🙂

He gave me goodbye kisses on the cheek!

I’m a firm believer in animal rescue and adoptions.

We must be a voice for the voiceless.

Amen! ❤

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Miranda Lambert Loves Dogs! (In case you didn’t already know)

“Miranda Lambert is a big animal advocate, and she loves to help pets in need of good homes. Recently, the singer teamed up with Pedigree to make the world a better place for shelter dogs. When Pedigree launched their new Shelter Renovation Project, Miranda’s Tishomingo Animal Shelter became the pet food company’s very first beneficiary.”
See video:

Miranda Lambert Tears Up Talking About Saving Shelter Dogs



From Miranda’s Facebook Page:

Every dog lover has a story to tell, and I’m so excited to unveil my own story in a documentary film that shares my passion for dog adoption. Plus, every time you share your own story using #DogTalesPedigree Adoption Drive will donate food to a shelter in need, so let’s hear your stories! #sponsored 

Miranda Lambert just happens to be my favorite singer already, so I guess now she shines a little brighter for me! 🙂