My Journey of Inner Healing After Witchcraft


As much as I loved God and gave Him my heart and soul, I still could not escape the anger that plagued me. As I began to explore inner healing, I began to find the root of my anger. Pain.
Are Ex Occultists Still Tied To Witchcraft?… Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Church…
Are You Letting Witchcraft Into Your Home?… What Is Normal Christianity?…
More About Me and A Prayer For You!…
About Me: Hi my name is Beth 🙂 I am an ex witch and new ager, who came out of satanic ritual abuse in the Mormon church. I am saved by the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and I blog and vlog about my past experiences, what I have learned and where God is leading me. I am also a stay at home mom of 4 boys, and married to a wonderful man.

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