Exhortation for The Bride of Christ

Brothers and Sisters, I know you are broken and beaten down, worn and weary. You have fought the good the good fight for the longest time. Patiently waiting on our Lord’s return you have been faithful. The Christian Walk is full of mountains and valleys. We’re never alone. The good times and the worst, HE is at our side, before us, and behind us. Whatever you may be going through right now, know this: God loves you right now catching your tears, just as much as He did a few weeks ago when you were having an easier time feeling confident in your ministry on that mountain. The accuser of the Brethren is always on the prowl to beat us down into discouragement. But fret not! Jesus said be of good cheer for He overcame the world! HE that is in us is greater than the one in the world. Just because our feelings change doesn’t mean GOD does. Our Father is not reactionary. Even though at times we feel like we really blew it and let Him down, He is NOT shocked. God knows the END from the BEGINNING. The devil is a liar. You are Children of The King! Not servants. Children. Heirs of God and Co-heirs with Christ. The servant isn’t above His Master. We are going to suffer yes, but the VICTORY has already been won! He promised to finish what He started. Hold on, precious ones. Your redemption is nigh!


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