**Power Intercession! Join Together and Shut Down The Works of Darkness This Weekend in JESUS NAME! :)

Caged No More

Father God, in the Name of Jesus, we lift up all babies, boys, girls, men and women who are involved or being used in the adult entertainment industry and sex slavery. Human trafficking. Satanic Ritual Abuse. We ask You to please infiltrate the enemies camp, loose angels, bind the demonic, and remove spiritual hostages in JESUS NAME, NOW!

Convict people that are going to porn sites, drag shows, strip clubs, night clubs and bars.

Cancel and EXPOSE all assignments and plans of ritual abuse to shatter the human soul for the purposes of the kingdom of darkness.

Set the captives free TONIGHT Jesus, so that they don’t have to spend another second in a CAGE whether literal or spiritual.

Intervene, oh God, and expose the darkness!

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