A Word from God/ Be mindful


To day i want to begin by saying thank you to everyone who sent me Birthday Wishes. I also just want to begin thanking God for everything he has blessed me with and foe the life he gave to me I’m truly grateful jut to be here. I want to encourage you to seas every moment because that just what it is a moment and when its gone you cant get it back. So make every step to talk have purpose and done wast your time on folk that do want to see you go any where. Keep moving towards what god is calling you for. God is calling you to receive a reword and it seams like you lost every thing but God is going to give it all back. But most important you have to wait it out and keep your mouth right with God. Even in that situation when your under pressure keep you mouth right. Don’t allow your words to disconnect you from your promise.
My email e44sjoseyplayer@gmail.com
Website and paypal http://www.ernestwest.org
Cash app $ErnestLWest Mailing address 3826 Satellite Blvd #956091 Duluth, Ga 30095


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