Warfare Prayer against Halloween!!

Caged No More

The month of October brings on the dark spiritual forces, and continues through Halloween or “All Hallows’ Eve”. Do you know what is taking place at this time? On October 31st, the high priest of all witch covens are required to make a blood sacrifice, whether animal or human.

In the name of Jesus I command all astral projection, ungodly silver cords, implants, Lay lines, and spirit triggers to be removed In the name of Jesus. We come against ALL spirits that operate during halloween and leading u too. We bind all spirits of death and Samhain.
I cancel all satans assignments against my family both human and spiritual in Jesus Name. I Pray that God would intervene and create circumstances that will prevent the ritual human and animal sacrifices from taking place.
I close all gateways and portals (including the third eye) the enemy may use in Jesus

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