Pedophile Cover Up In London

Premiered 14 hours ago

This video is about hampstead seven12


“It would be bad enough if there was just one instance of such stories coming to light. But this is not an isolated event. The world over, stories such as those told by the whistleblower children are echoed.

We know that the information presented on this site is little more than a scratch on the surface of what is out there, but we’ve tried to present it in a manner that can be handled by people that may never have heard of such things before. The material here is still, in many cases, more than people can handle.

Before you write off what is presented though, as mere delusions, consider carefully what is being presented. What do children have to gain by telling such stories? What does a mother that already has custody of her two children stand to lose by allowing such a story to come to light?”

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