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Rite of Passage – Your Status Has Changed! #PropheticShifts&Transitions #11thPropheticSealof2019

Published on Jan 11, 2019

***CONGRATULATIONS!!! 2019 is Your Rite of Passage Year – Welcome to Citizenship Status*** Princess Bola releases the 11th of the #12PropheticSealsof2019 to prophetically position and equips you as 2019 will involve a significant change of your status in society and in the Kingdom of God. Your Prophetic Shift has occurred and your GATEWAY to your NEW level is here. Get ready for a year of elevation, prophetic shifts and transitions. Don’t forget to comment, like, share and subscribe to her You Tube channel so that you can receive notification of subsequent videos. Happy Viewing!
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We have come of Age!! We have come into spiritual adulthood. We have come into our inheritance. We have have access to the covenant promises. The abrahamic covenant and blessings are ours. Our NEW level is here. We have been elevated and promoted. Our status has changed. Kingly and Queen Robes. We are walking in higher power and authority. Our ranking has changed. Hallelujah. ALL glory to Jesus. In comes Joseph, the NEW prince of Egypt. Congratulations!!!!

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