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Prophetic Encouragement for YOU via Jolynne Whittaker Ministries ♥

JoLynne Whittaker Ministries

Watch your words, beloved, watch your words! Don’t let the devil bait you into speaking curses in the form of complaints or expletives! SPEAK LIFE! Speak BLESSING! Come on and open your mouth and SPEAK BREAKTHROUGH!

For the Lord your God is WELL ABLE to handle anything that comes your way. The Lord your God is able to create a solution, dispatch angelic assistance, He’ll authorize supernatural intervention, and help you GET THE JOB DONE! You may not be able, BUT HE IS WELL ABLE!
📖 Ephesians 3:20
So whatever you’re dealing with, whatever the devil is trying to bait or destroy you with, counter the attack with the creative power of your WORDS! Flip the script and SPEAK LIFE according to 📖 James 3:10!
Lord, I thank you that you hear me!
Lord, I thank you that you are helping me!
God, I thank you for the breakthrough!
Jesus, I thank you for the victory!
SPEAK LIFE and JUST WATCH what happens! Glory to God!
Do you receive it in Jesus’ name?! Pop up your⚡️lightning ⚡️🙌🏽rod hands⚡️🙌🏽and SAY SO! Hallelujah!🔥

Tag & Comment Freely – Now receiving First Fruits and 2019 seeds. If you’ve not yet put a seed in the ground for 2019, I encourage you to do so! You may sow via the link in bio or TEXT TO GIVE: SOWNOW to 77948.🙏🏽Submit prayer requests, request 100% FREE resources for loved ones who are incarcerated, in rehab or in a shelter — we ship free Bibles and books to those incarcerated or in rehab all over America and we do so DAILY—6 days/week.

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