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The Year of NEWNESS!!! Get Ready for #NewBeginnings – #3rdSeal #PropheticRelease

Published on Jan 3, 2019

***ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW?*** Watch as Princess Bola powerfully proclaims/releases the NEW in the 3rd of the 12 Prophetic Seals of 2019 (#SignsMarksMonumentsandLandMarks). Get ready to experience a life-altering #propheticshift that will position you for ‘MEGA GAME’ in 2019 (God Activated Monumental Encounters & Events).
The NEW Economy is Here. A #FinancialandLeadershipShift will occur as 2019 unveils NEW pathways of wealth creation and God changes his Guards and Leaders. 2019 Prophecy: https://youtu.be/lZud9nZxILg Why 12 is Symbolic in 2019: https://youtu.be/cXh3NtKg3Yw Don’t forget to like, comment and share the video and subscribe to our You Tube Channel. Happy Viewing!
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Princess Bola stated categorically in the video that she didn’t conduct a lot of research and prayer regarding the subject to get to the bottom of what she perceives the Lord is saying about the; “NEW Economy”. She will be seeking the Lord in coming days for GREATER clarity and understanding. PLEASE ALWAYS PRAYERFULLY conduct your OWN research over EVERY prophecy to receive interpretation from the Spirit of God.
**ONE OF HER SUBSCRIBERS SENT HER THIS** Milestone #3 . Praise the Lord, woman of God. About the new economy, its something entirely different. It’s a totally new economic model never seen on the earth. The Lord has “shifted” the economy and transferred the global economy from the hands of the wicked, to His Church. So this is the “official “ manifestation of the wealth transfer. The new (global) leadership is also an entirely new model that has never been seen on earth. That’s all I can say for now.

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