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MORE PRAISE REPORTS and Intercessory Prayers.

JESUS has done it again! Praise God! Another Supernatural Healing at The Hand of God! A 9 year old little girl is NOW CANCER FREE! Thank you for praying!

“We are waiting for my 9 year old daughter’s , Ella, post chemo scan results. Will you please pray for good results that show no cancer in her body? Thank you!!!”

PRAISE REPORT below! Ahh! Thank You Jesus! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


“God has answered all of our prayers!!!!!! Over the past year He has not once failed us and we owe ALL the glory to Him!!!!!!! We can’t thank all of you enough for helping to send those prayers and for being here for us during the most terrifying time of our lives. We love every single one of you.

Doc called and said the radiologist compared the MRI and PET and agree the spot seen on both scans is due to post-operative healing of her bone and that they will rescan her in 4-6 wkz but she is CANCER FREE!!!!!!!”



Thank You, JESUS!

Praise God! Look what Jesus did for Sister Kim!
Thank you all for praying! Your prayers are really being heard and lives are radically being impacted at The Hand of God! Keep praying! ****

*** Here is original post: “Please pray for Tom, my father, salvation and healing in his physical heart. Agree with me in Jesus name blockage to go and a new spiritual heart. Scheduled for Friday morning. I just prayed with him on the phone …i think for the first time WITH him. Merry Christmas family in Christ.”


“***UPDATE*** Praise God with me. All went well for my dad. no blockage, therefore, no stent needed. I prayed last night and early this morning. I felt like fluttering in my own heart. But was not worried. I prayed regarding the Heart of God .*** thanks family in Christ for praying.”


Intercessory prayers. Look at all the praise reports that are coming in all of the time everyone! Jesus is surely on the move! Keep praying! Love you all so much!

Bearing the burdens of each other in Jesus

Michelle Linn Fallon
“My husband was involved in an accident last week and is okay but our car was totaled. The driver that backed into him lied at the scene and told the police officer my husband hit him. With no witnesses and no traffic cameras it has become he said / he said. We just learned that the hotel next to the scene had operational cameras. Please pray for us that the truth can come to light and justice served here. This will be a devastating financial loss since the car is not worth much and we still owe on the vehicle. Your prayers are powerful and appreciated.”

Lydia Chen
“Please pray for my daughter she just got bitten by our cat and she just learned she got kick out from UC Berkeley lab because she has fainted in the lab, how unjust the school system. Pray God will open a door for her to get the lab again in Jesus name.”

Kris Bradford
“Praying for a financial miracle, I’ve been waiting for Justice and Restitution from a claim against California and the CDCR. I’m on disability now and pray day and night! My soul has been restored, forgave everyone, mind is renewed, my eyes are open, I desperately need the finances to manifest supernaturally, miraculously and suddenly, calling ALL Angels!! 🙏

Sabine Stanley
“I am requesting prayers for a friend who needs to have her adult son, his girlfriend and two children, be able to move back into their home that suffered from fire damage. Thank you.”

Jefferson Dela Cruz
“Please pray for me that i can breathe well and that there will be no unwanted like situation please pray for my protection that nothing bad will happen to me please pray for protection and good health for me and my family and protection against oppression please pray that i will put my trust in God and not rely on my own understanding please thanks God bless.”

Tonya L Hydrick-Ryan
“My Daddy’s cancer has returned after being in remission for the last 5 years. He had a seizure yesterday morning and when they arrived at the hospital and performed several tests that is when they discovered a mass on my Daddy’s brain. It will be removed Saturday with the hope that it will not spread. Even worse is that my daddy could possibly pass during the surgery due to age and the seriousness of the surgery itself. My daddy is 75 years old. Please, please, please keep my daddy and my family especially my mother in your prayers during this time. We need all the prayer chains we can get! Thank you and God bless you and yours.
MATTHEW:18-19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”

K.Y. Priscilla
“Sons and daughters of God please help me with prayers my situation is urgent I v been praying for the situation to change but nothing is happening I cry daily in my relationship I believe God can make a solution through your prayers”

Rosemarie GB
“please pray for my sister Tammie who has stage four cancer going into the last stage please pray a miracle healing will occur now for her ….like right now, she so need her strength back. thank you all.”

Harry L Lusby
“Prayer Warriors, Pastor Tim Rains is still in a coma let us agree together that God will deliver him to start 2019.”

Eugenia Neecee
“Please pray for my grandson’s mother and my son. Please pray that the situation they are in does not bring trouble to others. Please pray that it is resolved as soon as possible. Asking prayers from everyone”

Dawn Burke
“I can’t believe ontop of my mother being hospitalized and dying and my little girl being so sick that something else is happening. The father of my two girls needs immediate prayers. He’s given up and this will devastate my kids.Please without me explaining ask the lord to intercede. Things are difficult enough. I’m truly horrified. Please pray for him and us as well. Thank u kindly”

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