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Encouragement For YOU! From Prophet Jolynne Whittaker :)

🔥🌿THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD is upon me to declare ABUNDANT LIFE over everyone here in the name of Jesus! For the Lord Jesus Christ did not just come so you could live, but do that you could LIVE ABUNDANTLY! Life abundantly! Hallelujah to Jesus!

I prophesy your days of mediocrity and bondage are ending, in Jesus’ name! You are coming into a season of unspeakable JOY, unspeakable PEACE, indescribable CLARITY, and incredible ABUNDANT LIFE! Hallelujah! Dare to claim and receive it in Jesus’ mighty name!

🔥🌿ABUNDANT health!
🔥🌿ABUNDANT harmony!
🔥🌿ABUNDANT resources!
🔥🌿ABUNDANT relationships!
🔥🌿ABUNDANT connections!
🔥🌿ABUNDANT love!
🔥🌿ABUNDANT success!
🔥🌿ABUNDANT purpose!
🔥🌿ABUNDANT victory!


Receive it now and :: swipe left ::

God bless you, this ministry is praying for you. I look forward to hearing YOUR praise reports! I declare God has a miracle for you — only believe and seek Him! Obey and just watch what the Lord does for you! Blessings upon blessings are coming your way. I speak it into the atmosphere and I declare supernatural multiplication over every seed and offering sown – as the Lord quadruples and multiples your finances, acquisitions, holdings, even adding to you the desires of your heart and excellent health—IN JESUS’ NAME!🔥🔥🔥

⚓️📖 Ephesians 3:20 | Malachi 3:10 📖

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🙏🏽🎄TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND… God is getting ready to quadruple your resources, kick down some barriers, breathe on your goals, and establish you in a brand new way. You are grateful for all that you have, but God said its time to M O V E ! Therefore, take a good look around you—take it all in! For by next Christmas, it will all be different! Hallelujah to Jesus!🔥

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🔥🎄I LOOSE THIS BLESSING over you now I’m the name of Jesus! Victory is YOURS in Jesus’ name! This Christmas and every day, all spirits of depression, anxiety and stress, must go from you! All spirits of sickness and addiction are rebuked and all poverty must leave NOW in Jesus’ name! Who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED! Therefore, step into birthright freedom, health and prosperity, IN JESUS’ NAME! Hallelujah!

🔥Claim it, confess it, and get reedy to testify about it! Glory to God! 🔥🙌🏽

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